A Heart Braking Death:

A couple of Days back my only uncle Dr. A A Ansary has passed away. It is really a shocking incident for my family. He had buried at Rangpur, where he had been living with his family since a long time. He was really a nice piece of man. He struggled a lot and led his family and career in a successful way. Throughout his life he was religious and led a moderate, simple life. He was to perform Hajj this year. Let us pray for his eternal peace…!! May Allah give him relief..!!

The death has evoked my some sort of old thinking in a new way:

(1) Lets evaluate a man during his lifetime. Pay appropriate honour to a person for his achievement, lest it would be late to acknowledge his achievement.

(2) Be prepared for death all the time as when the death will come upon you, you will not get enough time to be prepared.

(3) Lets do as much good as we can for the mankind, after death these matters will be highly counted and will keep you alive in the hearts of others.

(4) Lead a simple life. Only a simple, pride-less life can ensure a torment-free hereafter.

3 thoughts on “Evaluate a Man During His Lifetime

  1. we are shocked & put our heartiest consol to you.man is mortal. nothing to replace ones’ death. by expairing your uncle it remaind us the fact that we have to go onday.we pray, may Allah relief him.


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September 29, 2010