Faculty of Business and Economics organized Workshop on “Advanced Trading Affairs Learning in Capital Market”

Workshop on “Advance Trading Affairs Learning in Capital Market”

Faculty of Business and Economic of Daffodil International University organized a day long workshop on “Advanced Trading Affairs Learning in Capital Market” on November 27, 2010 at DIU Auditorium.

This work shop was organized under Capital Market Education Program for those who are already in Share market and want to increase their knowledge to be successful in this area. Participants attending the program privileged of having more effective and much needed knowledge and information thoroughly and elaborately on capital market affairs for making a wise investment decision as well as availing career building prospect in the field of Capital Market.

The Resource Person of the workshop was Prof. M. Shahjahan Mina, Adviser, Faculty of Business & Economics.  Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Dean, Faculty of Business & Economics was present as the Special Guest. Ms. Tanzina Hossain, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business & Economics conducted the workshop. 70 students of different department of Faculty of Business & Economics participated in the workshop.

The news was published in the Daily Star Campus http://www.thedailystar.net/campus/2010/12/01/newsroom.htm

Meeting with the Education Minister

Distinguished leaders of the Association of Public Universities of Bangladesh (APUB) meet with the hon’ble Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid MP on 22-11-2010 at the conference room of the Ministry. Lead by Mr. C M Safi Sami, President of APUB, the meeting was also attended by Vice President Mr. Abul Kashem Haider, Prof. Nurul Islam, Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan, Mr. Jalal Uddin, Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Governors, Dffodil International University and others. Different aspects of problems and prospects of thriving Private University sector came under spotlight in the discussion.

DIU Participates at 20th CEDIMES Conference, Laval University, Canada

Laval University

It is our great pleasure that recently Mr. Masud Ibn Rahman,

Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Real Estate and Department of Commerce of Daffodil International University has visited the first university of Canada which is Laval University Canada. It is to be mentioned that Laval University is the first Francophone university in North America too.

Delegates from almost 100 countries have joined the 20th CEDIEMS conference on 7-12 November 2010 Laval University, Quebec, Canada, the first Canadian University and first Francophone University in North America. It is a matter of pride for all that, one of the representatives from DIU, Mr. Masud Ibn Rahman, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Real Estate and Department of Commerce, Faculty of Business and Economics of DIU took part in this world class International Conference and glorified the image of the country and DIU.

Mr. Rahman had been selected as the speaker of the Stephen A Jarislowsky Chair competing India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and many other Asian countries. It is worth to mention here that Canadian broadcasting service Radio Canada broadcasted the interview of Mr. Rahman as an expert from Asia. It is expected that researchers from more than 100 countries will be joining the conference.

The Laval University is located in Québec City, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Université Laval boasts a tradition of excellence in its academic programs and major breakthroughs in its research activities. It offers:

Mr. Masud Ibn Rahman in Laval University. A bond of friendship has been Established between Laval University and Daffodil International University
  • over 400 academic programs – undergraduate and graduate
  • 235 research centres, chairs and institutes
  • over 3,400 professors, sessional lecturers, teaching and research staff
  • over 5,000,000 documents in its library collections
  • a safe campus that covers 1.75 km2, 56% of which is wooded areas, grasslands, botanical gardens and sports fields
  • over 40 buildings and 10 km of underground tunnels linking all buildings
  • 2,277 individual rooms in on-campus residences
  • one of the largest sport complexes in Canada
  • student services from A to Z – from welcoming activities to a placement bureau
  • hundreds of student activities year in year out

Resolutely committed to the highest standards, Université Laval provides all the resources to help you succeed in your studies and launch your career.

Mr. Rahman conducted his presentation on the Social Business Model of Grameen Group” at Stephen A Jarislowsky Chair of Management and it was an absolute success! He subsequently, focused DIU & had to

speak two and half hours instead of scheduled 50 minuites because of the interest of academicians and researchers as well as students of Laval University which was beyond the imagination of the presenter. He also met the press to talk about this issue.

Following is the link of their university web site where they have published good narration about Mr. Rahman.


Mr. Rahman is optimistic that, CDC of DIU is going to get at least one student per semester from Laval University for internship placement at some reputed organizations in Bangladesh. He had a meeting with the director of exchange program of Laval University where Mr. Rahman tried best to explore the name of DIU.

Please visit the website to know more about the program:http://www5.fsa.ulaval.ca/sgc/faculte/evenements/colloque_CEDIMES

Thanks to Mr. Masud Ibn Rahman for establishing a bond of friendship between Laval University Canada and Daffodil International University. We are proud of Mr. Masud Ibn Rahman and greatly thankful to Laval University for this friendly bond. This is indeed a valuable achievement for us.

Dhaka Roads Experience Emptiness Due to Eid Vacation

On the eve of the Eid-ul Azha, the second largest religious festival of Muslims, Thousands of people have already started to leave Dhaka for their rural homes to celebrate the festival after going through the hurdles of managing tickets for buses, trains and launches. The city experiences a vacancy from the alleys to the highways as more than half number of people will leave the capital.

It can be considered as blessings in disguise for those who will remain in the capital during the Eid. If the situations of Dhaka would remain the same all the year round!

Fire fighting training for DIU Officials

To create awareness about the rescue from fire incidents and earthquake , a training session was held at Daffodil International University campus was held on 10th November 2010. The employees who took part here learned a lot. They came to know what to do and how- at the moment when fire outrages.

As a part of the observance of Fire Service and Civil Defense week-2010 Fire Service Mohammadpur Unit in collabration with Daffodil International University organized this training camp.

DIU officials, securities  and staffs lead by Mr. Mejbaur Rashid Manik, Sr. Assistant Director ( Planning & Development) attended the training camp. Mr. Shafiqul Islam, In-Charge, Mohammadpur Unit, conducted the training program.

Hajj Mubarak 2010


According to the report UNB, some 93,869 pilgrims from Bangladesh would hopefully perform holy hajj this year. Of them, 6737 hajj pilgrims under government management and 87,132 under private management will go to Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh to perform the holy hajj in 2010.

Three or four star standard houses or hotels with increased facilities compared to anytime in the past have been rented in advance in Makkah and Madinah for the hajj pilgrims under government management.

A 94-member medical team has been formed for 94,000 hajj pilgrims with a ratio of one physician for 1,000 pilgrims to increase the standard of service to sick pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. This year arrangement has been made for the first time to allow all hajj pilgrims to transmit urgent information through SMS. Besides, all pertinent information of the hajj pilgrims is being uploaded on hajj website. One guide will be engaged for 60 hajj pilgrims under both government and private management.

My mother is on of the pilgrims heading to Makka on 7th November 2010. I wish her sound journey, successful tour and safe return. may Allah bless all the pilgrims from all parts of the world. May Allah give us redemption of both dead and alive through the prayers of those hajj pilgrims who aimed to perform Hajj this year.

Advantages of Going Paperless Office

In this era of technology, we have so many more options available to make our lives easier. One of these options is going paperless. There are many advantages to going paperless including-

1. Less Clutter
2. Easier and more organization
3. Saving the environment
4. Saving a lot of time and stress.

Firstly, less clutter is the obvious one. Without the ever-present paperwork scattered around an office, there is much less clutter and mess and a lot more room to work.

A paperless office provides with a much easier way to organize your work. Everything that would normally be in the form of paperwork can be scanned or produced straight onto a computer system and stored in files on the computer’s hard drive, for later use when necessary. These files can be saved under any name you chose to easily find where you have stored that information. Many different types of storage can be used for these files, such as just on the computers hard drive, backed up onto a disc, saved onto a mini hard drive, called a flash drive and stored either somewhere in the office or, if extremely important and confidential information is needed to be stored, can be placed into a safe or safety deposit box.

This information is then very easily accessible by finding the information/files on the computer system or inserting the corresponding disc or flash drive into the computer and locating the information that way. If any of the information is needed in paper form, it can easily be printed out from the computer. Another great thing about storing information in computers, rather than in paper form, is that it can easily be communicated to other businesses or clients without using paper. This can be done by emailing or faxing forms through to other people that need to access these files, straight from your computer. This is a very fast and effective way of creating a paperless office.

One great advantage to creating a paperless office is the advantage to our environment. If less paper is being used in everyday life, less trees are being cut down, therefore improving our oxygen supply, the homes and needs of some of our animals and our environment.It also can be the step of CSR.

Having a paperless office is sure to save you a lot of time and stress that comes with constantly rifling through paperwork to find information that is vital to you, that is always hiding at the bottom of the pile!

Therefore, in my opinion, with all the great advantages to creating a paperless office, why not get started today!

DIU achieves World Quality Commitment (WQC) Award-2010

img_7787Daffodil International University (DIU) achieves World Quality Commitment (WQC) Award-2010 in Gold Category. Daffodil International University is the only educational institution in Bangladesh who achieved this award. Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Governors, Daffodil International University received this award from Jose E. Prieto, Chairman and CEO B.I.D. Business Initiative Directions President World Quality Commitment Convention during the 24th World Quality Commitment Convention on October 24 and 25, 2010, the award were handed over at the ceremony in the Concorde La Fayette Hotel in Paris.

The World Quality Commitment Awards is presented to each institution as an entity for img_7788corporate achievement, innovation, to recognize leadership, quality, excellence, technology; for this purpose a voting process was carried in Paris, London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Madrid, and New York over the past ten months based on one or several of the following concepts like The QC 100 principals, Customer/Audience Satisfaction, Leadership, Uses of Technology, Quality, Best practice, ISO 9000 and TMQ.

The Ceremony was attended by companies from 74 countries, together with leaders from different business fields, professionals from the worlds of economics, the arts and corporate image, quality experts, as well as academic personalities and representatives from the diplomatic corps.

img_7790World’s renowned organizations and personalities Like: TATA Group (Ratan TATA), India, Valery Menshikov, Director of the Research Institute of Space Systems of Russia, Ali H. Odeh, Vice President & General Manager for the Middle East of Turner Construction International LLC, Mayor of the city of San Antonio, Texas (USA), Mr. Henry Cisneros, Bill Clinton himself during an official visit to Spain as President of the USA and many others have won this award earlier.

It is one of the earthshaking achievements in the history of DIU. This glaring acknowledgment will definitely boost up the morale and performance in the days to come.