We Bangladeshis love football. This post is for recent news and to know little bit more about our country’s football history. The bangladesh-football-national-team2Bangladesh national football team is the national team of Bangladesh controlled by the Bangladesh Football Federation. It is a member of the AFC and has yet to qualify for the World Cup finals. The team was founded in 1972, and joined FIFA in 1974.

The Bangladesh Football Association recently appointed former Croatian international Robert Rubcic as the new man in charge for the national football team.

In the recent FIFA ranking for the month of September Bangladesh jump ahead seven places to finish ahead of India and capture second place amongst South Asian teams . Bangladesh is now ranked  145th, just two positions behind Maldives.

3 thoughts on “Bangladesh Football

  1. I dont know, where lies the problem of our team. Why are they unable to grab continuous success in the international arena.

    Speed should be increased. Technique should be more innovative.

    I think, our Management have some problem too. They have to be more devoted and sincere, as should be our players.

  2. Yes, I agree with you. Often we had seen in the news paper that the conflict between management and coach existed. Hope this time they will work together for the sake of our country’s football.

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