DIU Annual Sports Competition 2018- 19

DIU Annual Sports Competition 2018- 19

Indoor games results:

Badminton single male:
Champion: Al Amin Zumar (ESDM)
Runner up: Abdullah As Suhail (CSE)

Badminton double male: 
Champion: Al Amin Zumar and Hassanul Haque Hasib (ESDM)
Runner up: Abdullah As Suhail and Azharul Islam (CSE)

Carom doubles male:
Champion : Rashed Hasan and Jahangir Alom (pharmacy)
Runner up:Rejwanul Islam and Abdul Halim

Table tennis single male:
Champion: Amir Hamza
Runner up: Rezwanur Azad ashique
both from CSE Department.

Chess male:
Champion: Pritom Shaha (JMC)
1st Runner up:Md. Maruf Sarker (SWE)
2nd Runner up: Md. Ishtiaque Ali (LLB)

Badminton double female:
Champion: Ayesha Akhter Munni and Irin Jahan Mim (NFE)
Runner up: Kaniz Fatema and Mishori (MCT)

Badminton female single:
Champion: Ayesha Akhter Munni (NFE)
Runner up: Irin Jahan Mim (NFE)

Carom double female:
Champion: Nouria Rahman and Mahabuba Akhter (ARCHITECTURE)
Runner up :Jakia Sultana and Kaniz Fatema (MCT)

Ludo single female:
Champion: Nuria Rahman (Arch)
Runner up: Mahabuba Akhter (Arch)

Chess female:
Champion: Ishrat Jahan (CSE)
1st Runner up: Nusrat Jahan Ria (CSE)
2nd Runner up: Taz Noor (ESDM)

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