It is my birthday today. Some near ones have already wished me on it. I should be delighted to approach another birthday of my life. Yet i am not in a mood to celebrate it with jocund festivity.  Life seems to me very mysterious.

I had to sent an sms to my brother…”I am also wailing with you. Allah definitely has an auspicious motive behind the premature death of your child. Wee all will remember and pray for our died family member thru’out life..” My nephew could not pass the ordeal of coming out of the womb of its mother. It was, however, buried beside the grave of its maternal grand father.

It could be the first child of our family. But, the Almighty probably knows well and thought otherwise. Life seems to me peculiar. It is bitter and sweet time to time.

Here I have written a poem in memorization of and in dedication to my unseen dear one, who has left the earth prematurely.


Eternal Departure

How uncertain our life is! And mysterious

We are in agony and, sometimes hilarious.

Ecstasy brims over our lives time to time

Soul & body encounter affliction in mime.

You could come and contribute the earth

Could shoulder duty by illustrious birth.

Is it wise to leave early the world poignant?

But show tolerance of this, why we can’t?

In this world, your existence is never to find

Your un-timed exit we’ll ever keep in mind.

All have to depart one day— before or after

Titanic or tiny, no way to escape the hereafter.

Expedition On Mars

October 10, 2010