In this era of technology, we have so many more options available to make our lives easier. One of these options is going paperless. There are many advantages to going paperless including-

1. Less Clutter
2. Easier and more organization
3. Saving the environment
4. Saving a lot of time and stress.

Firstly, less clutter is the obvious one. Without the ever-present paperwork scattered around an office, there is much less clutter and mess and a lot more room to work.

A paperless office provides with a much easier way to organize your work. Everything that would normally be in the form of paperwork can be scanned or produced straight onto a computer system and stored in files on the computer’s hard drive, for later use when necessary. These files can be saved under any name you chose to easily find where you have stored that information. Many different types of storage can be used for these files, such as just on the computers hard drive, backed up onto a disc, saved onto a mini hard drive, called a flash drive and stored either somewhere in the office or, if extremely important and confidential information is needed to be stored, can be placed into a safe or safety deposit box.

This information is then very easily accessible by finding the information/files on the computer system or inserting the corresponding disc or flash drive into the computer and locating the information that way. If any of the information is needed in paper form, it can easily be printed out from the computer. Another great thing about storing information in computers, rather than in paper form, is that it can easily be communicated to other businesses or clients without using paper. This can be done by emailing or faxing forms through to other people that need to access these files, straight from your computer. This is a very fast and effective way of creating a paperless office.

One great advantage to creating a paperless office is the advantage to our environment. If less paper is being used in everyday life, less trees are being cut down, therefore improving our oxygen supply, the homes and needs of some of our animals and our environment.It also can be the step of CSR.

Having a paperless office is sure to save you a lot of time and stress that comes with constantly rifling through paperwork to find information that is vital to you, that is always hiding at the bottom of the pile!

Therefore, in my opinion, with all the great advantages to creating a paperless office, why not get started today!

Hajj Mubarak 2010

November 7, 2010