Many who participate in the Institute’s study and training activities are involved in bringing grassroots innovations to the university and the latest intellectual advances from the university to communities. Some enter our programs as community-based practitioners who then develop university ties, like Syed Rahman (in Bangladesh) and Miguel Cortes (in Mexico). Others are university-located educators, like Babafemi Babatope (in Nigeria), who is featured in this issue of our newsletter. This kind of cross-fertilization is an important boundary-breaking activity that I am excited to be seeing more and more of, not only among our graduates and colleagues but in many other creative circles.

– Lois Holzman, Director, East Side Institute, USA

Career Center Launches ‘All Stars Daffodil’

'All Stars Daffodil' students perform in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Syed Mizanur Rahman (IC 2007) has been busy initiating programs to develop students socially, emotionally and culturally in his role as Director/Coordinator of the Career Development Center (CDC) at Daffodil International University (DIU) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He recently introduced a new course entitled Ethics and Human Development, and a social therapy-inspired workshop, Benefits of Ethical Living. This summer, on the site of the university’s bucolic new campus, he will lead 500 incoming students in a month-long performatory and ecological orientation to higher education.

Syed also helped launch a performance group, All Stars Daffodil, inspired by the youth development performance-based programs of the All Stars Project in New York City. Among All Stars Daffodil’s recent activities was a dramatic presentation of We Sing of Equality. The performance was followed by a discussion with American actress, Monique Coleman, who was in Bangladesh to promote the United Nation’s International Year of Youth.

This portion was published in the link—Center-in-Bangladesh-Launches-All-Stars-Daffodil—.html?soid=1101246158194&aid=N7Eb0zsXY6M, where CDC of DIU and Mr. SM Rahman, its Coordinator are highlighted alongwith the ‘All Stars Daffodil’