Ignoring all dynamicity, this large metropolitan comes to a dire standstill

Cornucopia of its flora & fauna languishes despite the inundation of rain,

Thriving economy collapses as the business hub has not a bit sap to instill

Vendors divest them of goods; productivity of the entire city goes in vain.

Excruciating vacuity & anesthesia overwhelm the city’s whole spectrum

Virgins’ exquisite floral adornments fall short to distract the young men,

Diurnal motion of the sun perishes because there is stagnancy humdrum

Noble cosmopolitans are deterred from panning out a welfare campaign.

Dwellers are no more imbued with patriotism, verve & vital civic sense

Closed Market; no export-import; no sports: only embedded distraction

Inert Media; tarnished morality; Scaramouch plummets in dismay, tense

Lethargic Admin; insecure Citadel; contused Medicare; spoiled Education

I’m the most impecunious & experiencing dissuasion from everything

Thine sole return in this metropolis can fetch up normalcy- but nothing.


by: Ahemed Shamim Ansary.

*The poem AWAIT was published in THE MUSE, the little magazine of the Department of English, Daffodil International University in its Fourth issue (September-October 2008).

Ten Things We Waste

September 2, 2010