Daffodil International University “Model Classroom”

Daffodil International University is always committed to ensure excellence in teaching at each and every level. Increasingly, electronic technology is being used to provide instructors with innovative and creative teaching strategies. The commitment to the students to improve the quality of education through technological advancement has become true. To expand its existing learning system the University is using state of the art technology. Beside this, the University introduced a model classroom for its valued student’s.

 The main features of “Model Classroom”

1.”Active Learning” teaching methods form part of the best classrooms in the world today. As part of active learning, each student must be engaged in actively thinking about the concepts being taught in a lecture. Technology can be used to force passive students to think and participate without “embarrassment”! This is done by the use of Classroom Response System (CRS) clickers. The lectures have to be designed to engage the students using these clickers. Teachers would need training to be able to create the best classroom environments.

2. Sensor based environment (light switches in presence of human) and also control Air conditioning as well
3. Using natural light and green as much as possible
4. Electronic White Board with power saving as much as possible
5. Class response based on PDA attached to the individual seat
6. Recording of video and audio lectures for the multimedia content creation
7. Attendance based on sensors (special ID for the students)
8. Size of the class is: (40×20)sft.
9. Walls are made of Burma teak wooden panel with light varnish.
10. Microphones on each table are manually controlled under a central controller.
11. Live Telecast facilities
12. A projector screen has been set on the side of the glass board.
13. Chairs for students have been imported/local branded flexible revolving chair.
14. CC camera has set to cover the whole classroom
15. Lecture will be recorded with built-in sound system.