Mr. Mohamed Emran Hossain, Director (Administration) and Member, Board of Trustees, Daffodil International University signs the  Magna Charta Universitatum in presence of Felipe VI, the King of Spain and Letizia, the Queen of Spain

Daffodil International University (DIU) attended the 30th assembly of the Magna Charta Universitatum Observatory 2018 & signed Magna Charta Universitatum in presence of Felipe VI, the King of Spain and Letizia, the Queen of Spain. The conference and ceremony took place on 17 and 18 September 2018 at the occasion of the celebrations of the 800th Anniversary of the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain under the motto ‘University values in a changing world’. Around 250 representatives from universities around the world attended this prestigious program to reflect on the adaptation of the university system to the needs of the current society. DIU signed Magna Charta Universitatum, a document to uphold university traditions & values and encourage bonds among universities to serve as a universal inspiration throughout the world and Daffodil International University is for the first time in the history of Bangladesh with an aristocratic ceremony.
Professor Ubertini, Rector of the University of Bologna (founded in 1088, is the oldest university) welcomed all new signatory universities with his final speech just after the signing ceremony. Dr. Ricardo Rivero Ortega, Rector of the University of Salamanca and Sijbolt Noorda, President of Magna Charta Observatory delivered the opening speeches of the ceremony. Then the annual report of the Magna Charta Observatory was presented to the attendees and the event continued with different plenary session. A reception was also given by the Alfonso Fernandez Manueco Mayor of Salamanca, Spain.
Magna Carta Universitatum is a document that was signed on the 18th of September 1988 at the 900th anniversary of the University of Bologna. It was signed by 388 rectors in Europe and beyond. It contains principles of academic freedom and institutional autonomy as a guideline for good governance and self-understanding of universities in the future.