Prof. Dr. Harun-Ar-Rashid, Professor and Head, Department of Public Health making introductory remarks  on occasion of the “Journal Day”.

The Department of Public Health organized “Journal Day” on 15 July 2018 for the students of Weekend Program (WP) of Master of Public Health (MPH) Course. Around 100 (one hundred) MPH students and all Faculty Members of the Department participated in the program. Prof. Dr. Harun-Ar- Rashid, Professor and Head of the Department of Public Health chaired the Scientific Session. He explained the importance of “Journal Day” in disseminating knowledge related to latest innovations as well as developing research career of students and faculties as well. Two research papers were presented by MPH students of 19th Batch Weekend Program (WP).
First scientific article entitled “Zika Virus Epidemiological Study and It’s Association with Public Health” was presented by Dr. Kamrun Nessa, MPH Student, Batch# 19, who is a Professor & Head of Gynecology Unit, BRB Hospital, Panthapath, Dhaka. Various aspects of Zika virus transmission and its effect on human body were highlighted.  Dr. Kamrun Nessa focused on preventive practices and creation of awareness to combat this disease.

MPH Student Ms. Sayada Farhana Khanam Mitali, Senior Clinical Specialist, Globex Marketing Company Ltd., Dhaka, presenting a scientific paper.

Second research article entitled “Demography and Risk factors of Suicide in Bangladesh: A Six-Month Paper Content Analysis” was presented by  Ms. Sayada Farhana Khanam Mitali. She talked about reported suicide rates and various methods of suicide in Bangladesh and mentioned that ‘Suicide’ is still a neglected and under attended public health problem in the country.

Both the presentations were followed by question and answer sessions, where students asked questions regarding the topic which were diligently answered by the presenter. At the end Prof. Dr. Harun-Ar-Rashid, appreciated the students for their active participation in the “Journal Day”. The program was coordinated by Dr. Nadira Mehriban, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health.