Discovering your possibilities can change your life.

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Whether you want to switch  careers, alter something in your personal life or just get out of a few bad old habits, discovering your possibilities is the first step in making a life change. It’s easy to feel limited by your day-to-day activities and forget the options you don’t take and the doors you don’t open. Discovering your possibilities can help to reawaken your passion and build the energy and creativity you need to change your life.

Things you will need:

  • Notebook
  • Pen

1. Find a space where you feel comfortable sitting and thinking. You may feel best in a quiet corner of your backyard or a favorite coffee shop. Alternatively, you may want to get out of your routine and find a new space that you don’t usually go to, such as a p

2. Make a list of important moments, people and experiences in your past where you experienced success or a sense of purpose. Note times when you made a breakthrough, what happened and why it was important to you. Note people who inspired you, what inspired you about them and what they brought out in you. Note places that were really inspiring to you and what they inspired.

3. Make a second list of your present interests and talents. What people and things are you drawn to? Are you passionate about a particular hobby? Do you thrive on a certain aspect of your job?

4. Write down things that draw people to you. Are you seen as a good source of advice or valued for a particular skill you possess? What do people like about you and what do you get out of their appreciation?

5. Look back at what you’ve written so far and see what it tells you about yourself. What have you been drawn to in the past and present? Are there any things that you didn’t realize you enjoyed or were good at? Are there any interests, skills or passions you’ve been ignoring in your life instead of making the most of?

6. Think about the future. What new things do you want to experience? What old experiences or skills do you want to relive or improve? Write down your ideas. Discover Your Possibilities.

          (From an article written by Isaiah David)

          Our Culture, Our Authenticity

          September 8, 2010