DIU Blog Introduction

Hello everyone!

It is a matter of great pleasure that we (everyone related to Daffodil International University) can now use the DIU blog site to express/share our Ideas, Experiences, Suggestions, Creative works like stories and poems and even arts and creative photographs with one another. It will be like a diary for us. We must remember that there are differences between Forum and Blog so let’s be creative with our blog and give it a professional look. Let’s start sharing ourselves with Daffodil International University (DIU) Blogsite.

Writing in the blog is a great experience for the creative writers. Blog is a place where one can reflect his say of soul. DIU blog is a kind of unleashed horizon for not only the members of DIU family but also the other people from any corner of the globe. Many things can be shared through blog…creative works can be published, experience of any kind can be shared, opinions can be conveyed, message of conscience can be put across, problems can be mitigated by letting others to know about that, successful business deals can be passed on, reformation of the incongruities of society can be diminished, and so on…

DIU launches its own blog which will hopefully be enriched with the contribution of the Administration, Faculty members and our main recources: lovable, talented, diversified students of Daffodil International University. Also, we welcome all individual around the globe to contribute their valuable stuffs with a view to fabricating versatile products with the finest weaving threads of scholarly consciousness.

Shah – Al – Mamun


Ahemed Shamim Ansary

9th Foundation Day 2010

December 26, 2009