Professor Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE Department) of Daffodil International University visits programming competition after inauguration of 8th Take-Off Programming Contest on 27th July, 2018 at CSE Building of the university

To create the best and skilled artisans in the field of programming Daffodil International University Computer and Programming Club (DIU CPC) has been organizing ‘Take-off Programming Contest’ in every semester for the 1st and 2nd semester students. It is important for the new students of the university to get the right idea of programming at the very beginning of their university life as well as to get inspired, motivated and encouraged to think about their future.

DIU CPC has successfully hosted the 8th Take-Off Programming Contest on 27th July, 2018. These types of encouraging programming events helped Daffodil International University to differentiate itself from other universities. This event was a great opportunity for students to acquire knowledge about programming as well as to meet senior programmers and programming enthusiast teachers. The number of students participated in 8th Take off Programming Contest is 305.

Contestants are busy with solving the problems at 8th Take-Off Programming Contest on 27th July, 2018

Students who are studying in computer related subjects must know computer programming. Since many students cannot understand this truth in 1st and 2nd semesters, they lag behind in their academic life as well as in the career. The volunteers of the Computer and Programming Club have worked hard through this event to make our young minds aware of this fact and to take part in the Take-Off Programming Contest. The take-off Programming Contest has now become the flagship event of the CSE department of Daffodil International University.

Daffodil International University has never been stingy to create skilled citizens in information and technology. In view to this, the students who have participated in the contest are now given the opportunity to get free training classes from renowned programmers of the country. They will get the opportunity to practice programming in the Blue division practice module, where they can work hard on the care of skilled coaches, and can take their own skills to the unique heights.

The Programming Contest started at 10:10 am. Earlier, the work of T-shirt and Kit Distribution was completed. In this event of 3 hours, the students were competing to the skull and bone. Head of the CSE Department of Daffodil International University Professor Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain and Associate Professor Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman (CEO, Code Marshal, ICPC World Finalist 2007) visited the Contest Floor in the middle of the Contest. At that time Professor Dr. Syed Akhter Hossain said, “Organizing such Contest is playing an important role in creating programming enthusiasm among new students.” He also said, “DIU is taking various steps to organize more programming contests on a regular basis.”

Mr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman (CEO, Code Marshal, ICPC World Finalist 2007, Associate Professor DIU CSE), Mr. Shah Md. Tanvir Siddiquee (Senior Lecturer), Mr. Saiful Islam (Lecturer, DIU CSE), Mr. Anup Majumder (Lecturer, DIU CSE) distributing prizes among the winners of 8th Take-Off Programming Contest held on 27th July, 2018

Programming Contest ended at 1:25 pm after that the Prize Giving ceremony was organized. Along with the top 30 participants, the volunteers of the DIU CPC joined the ceremony. The guests of the prize giving ceremony were Mr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman (CEO, Code Marshal, ICPC World Finalist 2007, Associate Professor DIU CSE), Mr. Shah Md. Tanvir Siddiquee (Senior Lecturer), Mr. Saiful Islam (Lecturer, DIU CSE), Mr. Anup Majumder (Lecturer, DIU CSE). In the prize giving ceremony the respected guests gave their valuable speeches. The judge panel gave the analysis of the problem set and were appreciated with prize books. The judge panel of the contest was Mr. Muhaiminul Islam Jim (Judging Director),  Mr. Nesar Ahmed Jonny (Judge), Pranto Das(Judge). Then the guests handover the crest and the prize money to the first 10 position holders.

The champion of the contest Mashiur Rahman was given the special TOPC Trophy. For the first time in Take-off Programming history, all problems of the problem set were solved including the stopper problem. Mashiur Rahman was the one who stopped the stopper. The 1st runner up of the contest also put her mark in the history of TOPC. Tanima Hossain is the first girl contestant who is able to make to the top 10 of any TOPC. Altogether it was a glorious eventful day.
The top 10 positions holders are ….

3    NAZMUS SAKIB [CSE, 2nd, H]
4    REZAUR RAHMAN [CSE, 2nd, E]
5    M. NUSRAT ULLAH [CSE, 2nd, A]
7    ISA KHAN HIMEL [CSE, 2nd, E]
9    MD. ERFANUL ISLAM [CSE, 2nd, E]