A friendship trip to Malaysia and Indonesia headed by Emeritus Professor of DIU Dr. Aminul Islam was held during 12-18 August 2013.

Other participants of the tour were Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. M. Lutfar Rahman, Dean of FSIT Professor Dr. S. M. Mahbub-ul-Haque Majumder, Controller of Examinations Professor Dr. Md. Golam Mowla Choudhury, Head of English Dr. Binoy Barman and English faculty member (part-time) Mr. Mohammed Shamsul Hoque. Wives of some of the Professors also accompanied.

Members of the team visited important places and sites in Malaysia and had an important meeting in Kuala Lumpur with Professor Dr. Abtar Kaur of the Open University of Malaysia and Dr. Ranjit Singh Malhi, Senior Cooperate Fellow of Asia e University over a dinner hosted by Professor Kaur and Dr. Malhi.

The discussion was about opening a new course with an aim to train teachers of English at primary and secondary levels in Bangladesh was held in the meeting. In a background of the dearth of trained English teachers at primary and secondary levels of Bangladesh, it was agreed that the course would be of high demand nationally and DIU would be the first university of Bangladesh to open such an important course. Professor Kaur promised all possible support from the Malaysian Open University while Dr. Malhi offered all supports for training staff and course design. The tour also included Bali in Indonesia.

Professors whom they met were members of the faculty of Medicine and Agriculture. They were very hospitable and cordial in their deliberations. They even proposed us to stay in their dormitories. We accepted their invitation and assured them that we will stay at your dormitory once we come again in future.

The trip was a memorable one.

DIU and DBI signed MoU

September 14, 2013