The scenario is getting compact day by day as Eid-ul-Fitr 2010 is knocking  at the door. Everyone is rushing in the shops to get their last time necessary stuffs as per the ability & appetite

With the largest Muslim festival Eid-ul-Fitr just a few days away, enthusiastic shoppers of all ages are seen flocking to the upscale shopping malls in Gulshan, Uttara and Dhanmondi. Top fashion-house retailers are still expecting higher sales, at times twice the normal. Shopkeepers are wooing customers by displaying different categories of men’s, women’s and children’s wear. Buyers and sellers have blamed price hike for dampening their Eid festivity to some erxtent.

inflation-mars-eid-festivity_1276The rush of crowd was particularly visible at the Chandni Chawk, Gausia Market, Rapa Plaza, New Market, Mirpur Benarasi Palli, Mouchack Market, Eastern Plaza, Eastern Plus, Motalib Plaza, Basundhara City, Concored Twin Tower, Bangabazar, Baitul Mukaram, and Rajdhani Super Markets in the capital. Other local markets are not less busy over the days.

In spite of their diverse origins, almost all major posh shopping outlets have long started displaying traditional yet innovative Eid dresses like panjabis and saris, besides the regular collections. However, many retailers observed that the middle and upper-middle class groups mainly account for most of the shopping in the city’s posh areas.

It is really good business time for the shop owners. They are charging as much as they can whereas the buyers are also very meticulous so that they can win the “battle” of purchasing the desired product at a negociable, proper price. However, the so called “proper price” is unknown to them. Yet they are happy to share the ecstatic feelings of purchasing new dresses for themselves, and for the family.

It is really unmovable in the city hubs from dawn to dusk due to traffic congestion, mass clogging has mingled with the chronic traffic congestion, which has turned the whole situation from bad to worse. Yet people are happy with the feelings of upcoming joy.eid-shopping-gains-momentum

Eid is the greatests muslim religious festival which aims to bring  people from all sects under the same umbrella of  humanity, equity and sharing happiness. One thing we should keep alive in our mind, never to forget those poor fellows who found it impossible to buy dress and other necessities before the Eid due to economical hardship. We feel pity for those who have yet to get their wages and Eid bonus on time.

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September 8, 2010

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