Job Tracking: It is a fantastic way to represent one self to the authority. By keeping record in job tracking, an employee always remains in close contact with the organization. He is evaluated through his performance record.

Receive all mail: One should receive all mails even in utter busy moment. Make a habit of responding every mail/ phone call instantly or at leisure our. You can send a “BUSY” or “CALL YOU LATER” message during your busy moment. The recipient will rely upon you and will be honoured with a belief that you are valuing him or her. When you will see less important call, avoid or send sms BUSY (quick text).

Task: You can use the TASK option on your e-mail page to manage all jobs smoothly and on due time.

Unread: You can make a mail highlighted by applying UNREAD option so that you can reply that in leisure time.

Draft: It is a permanent kind of diary as there is no risk to lose any data from the storage. You can preserve all your valuable data of any kind by placing in DRAFT. Remember, don’t forger to give proper title before sending in draft so that you find that whenever necessary.

Star: It is an option in your mail which helps you to mark as important mail which needs to follow up or like this.

Calendar: This option aids you to settle program. This option will remind you your pre-decided and pre-uploaded schedule.

Google Document: It is an enriched kind of resource stuffed with format of any kind you need. You can get, for example, letter, spreadsheet, application, memorandum, etc kind of format whenever required.
Filtering: Incoming mails will not create a messy situation if you organize every mail by Label and at the same time if u customize your settings with proper FILTER. Through filtering, you can sort out the mail which you don’t like to give importance, but u like to get into at any time in future, for example, Facebook.

Firefox: By using this software, you can place a lot of Windows and at the same time & can set up all passwords while using the PC exclusively of your own. It will enable you to visit all the pre-loaded pages in a wink of time. It will make your work faster, without any hazards.

Use of DIU Forum: It is an enriched resource with diversity. All needed information is already there. Please keep your eyes regularly on it. You will be benefited. If u needs any more things, please let us know. U can always keep open it in front of your monitor and can see it even while receiving any phone call! While receiving any call, you can give concentration on mail or other job. Thus you can perform more than one job at a single time.

Enjoy Traffic Jam: Enjoy the traffic jam. Yes, I mean it! While you are in a Traffic Jam, try to call back and try to call or send all sms or read, for example, important file/paper or newspaper/ magazine/ book or think some idea or make some plan /note of your to do task. Traffic jam must be considered with potential way.
Sleeplessness: Dale Carnegie told that you will never die in sleeplessness. Even when you are not able to sleep u can think any topics or idea.

Time Segmentation: U must make proper segmentation of your time for office, prayer, career, R & D, friend, family, study etc.

Implement: Remember, idea without implementation will not aid you or your surroundings enough. If you think yourself high profiled corporate personnel, try to implement rather giving mere suggestion.

Your Mobile, Your Diary: Buy a good mobile or use whatever u have. You can invest in purchasing a good configuration mobile rightly, and if not, you can use gmail for storing phone backup so that you can restore in case of physical damage or theft of your mobile. Please be attentive to secure your present mobile if it is not possible to buy a better one.

No Other Involvement: It is unethical to be involved in other kind of business like share/MLM during office hour, rather you can try to explore new innovative business plan in the organization like training, workshop, job oriented product, in house support, etc. where u can be a part. If you have enough money, it is better to leave the job and be involved in that business.

Backup your Data: Please keep “alternate backup” of all data, which is always important. There are few thousand free storage sites which you can use. Because, USB device is not safe always due to lose of data, virus, crush etc. We have a great deal of resources in our organization; so whenever you wish to learn, please let us know.

Never Demand Extra Staff: Some people are telling about employing more staff which may bother your authority. You have to be capable to maximize the potency of yourself, your subordinates and staff. A real leader can handle COO, Import, AGM, MD and Chairman position of an organization. An eligible organizer can perform the job of 70+ people if he can manage everything well. There lies your potency if you can fight for reducing the number of staff so that the organization can find your capability. You can try to accomplish your job by utilizing available resources you have. Sometimes, outsourcing contracting on part-time basis, seeking help from others, etc can aid you.

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October 10, 2010