I confront incongruity here & there, every now & then

As if, we’ve overwhelmed the society & become insane!

Proliferated crooked leaders: old politics gives no hope;

Meritorious lags behind while “special candidates” cope.


Prohibited parking is very common; Doctors are in clinic

Unfounded cost of commodities has turned into a chronic.

Contaminated, unhygienic foods & goods are at booming

Pre-marriage unethical love & adultery are mushrooming.


Fixed-Price shops allow bargain; people refuge mendacity

Without self-proceeds in the least kind, there lack alacrity.

Corruption axes Governmental-nongovernmental potency

Import is imposed; jute & sugar mills pursue stagnancy


What else can Allah do when we’re bestowed with sense?

Just our Firm Will can heave from this chasm of fall, dense.