I’ve esteemed nobody before so intensely in this way

It’s true, I’m grateful to you & on no account go away.

You’re my first ever companion, well-wisher & guide

None but you have the utmost right to love me or chide.


Fittingly you shroud subterranean anguish that looks lean

I avow, you’re the paramount personality I’ve ever seen

My affliction ails and ecstasy lets you in seventh heaven

For you? Petite: entire earth, headdress amaranth woven


Whatever good in me is your contribution, bad is mine

It is by no means feasible to reimburse my debt to thine!

Your sheer melancholy, I discern, will prod my empathy,

In my bliss, I’ll side with you, without a slender of apathy.


You nourished, schooled, moulded me & nothing is due

Oh my very dear Mother, I loved, love & will be loving you!