It was a hot day. The sun acts as a cruel aspects. It shone so brightly that we couldn’t hardly bear but we had a strong feeling of love for the deprived. Sadarghat was our destination where we kept some underprivileged children in a shelter house named “OPORAJEYO BANGLA” Avoiding there scorching, stiky heat, I along with Three volunteers reached Sadarghat. Then we had to pass some of the curved, narrow and unknown roads to reach there. Finally, we got settled there in 6th floor. Seeing the bright and delighted faces, we were stunned and forgot how much aging and struggled we have done, “Daffodil Institute of Social Sciences” – DISS has endevoured to touch the peak of their dream.

DISS, a benevolent organization, first time in Bangladesh is determined to educate these underprivileged children and that’s why volunteers have collected these ill fated children who are working as carrier of loads( Coolie) in that area and they are residing on that shelter home.

I and three volunteers were not looking each other when we delicate delivered EID CLOTHES and so many FOODS as our eyes were full of tears of joy. Yet they got clothes EID clothes earlier but this time it was different as it was full of love.

When these underprivileged children will be accommodated, We hope that DISS education will make them real workforce InshahAllah.

We dream for every deprived face into a hopeful face.