01. When you registered, you became a member of DIU Gym. You can use Gym any time paying monthly charges.

02. Students are not allowed off peak time because faculties and officials are allowed to use Gym at that times. Off peak time means before 9 am and after 5 pm (less busy times).

03. Before starting, if you have any valuables, you should leave them locker in the changing room or temporary keep it to you Instructor.

04. Before you can use any of the equipment, you need to have an induction with one of our instructors because this is the meeting when you start a new club, you are given some initial preparation for your membership of the club (Using Gym).

05. When you have finished using the Gym equipments you should wipe it down before the next person use it. If you wipe something down, you cleaned the surface of something, like a piece of sports equipment, with a cloth.

06. If you’d like some help in addition with your exercise routine in the Gym, you should book a special session with an exercise Instructor specially