Professional cyclists and runners require a lot of energy in their muscles to enhance mobility, weight training for runners is very vital. This helps the runners to get strength in order to avoid injuries that occur during completion. The training is based the type of race the athlete is to compete in i.e. long and short distance running this requires one to have endurance. Since all people are not the same there are factors that determine the type of exercise to take during weight training for runners.

Considerations in weight training for runners

For peak performance in race weight training for runners should be done by a professional individual. This will make every athlete to attain the require training without incurring any health problem. A good trainer will consider:

  • Efficiency in running: Some athletes can run at a faster rate and little amount of energy, they are considered to have high economy. This will determine which method will be used in weight training for runners. Aerobic capacity:-The ability of the body to produce oxygen during running is very vital, high production of Oxygen help a runner to move faster. The production of oxygen is determined by the ability of the body to make red blood cells.
  • Ability to endure: Some runners become exhausted at a faster rate than others; this may result if the climate is unfavorable.Athletees that are not able exercise under such conditions should be given another option.

Types of weight training for runners

The terrain of the running truck may be hilly and weight training for runners has to involve every muscle in the body. Different methods are used to enhance muscle relaxation, these methods are;

  • Single legged squat: In this training a runner is required to step on a bench using one leg and squatting with the one on the ground. This should be repeated severally to enhance muscle development on the thighs.
  • Explosive running:-This involves making several swift movements along the track. This is useful in developing heart muscles so that they can relax and contract easily it also helps in stimulating nervous activities.
  • Dumbbell arm swing: This is done by bending the arms on the elbows and making swift swings as if you are running. The hard and abdominal muscles are made strong through this exercise.
  • Cool running: This involves making both swift and slow moves so that all the body muscles are incorporated. It leads to build up of stronger heart and leg muscles.
  • To win a race it takes endurance, this is why weight training for runners is disliked by most athletes. It has positive impacts to the body of the runner which includes:
  • Promotes the development of stronger muscles that helps the runner to make faster movements. People who attend weight training for runners are likely to become winners in a race.
  • The chances of getting injuries are minimized since they have learnt various techniques on how to run in every terrain.
  • The heart muscles are strengthened by doing vigorous activities thus complications like heart failure and hypertension are minimized.

Benefits of weight training for runners

Performing at full during athletics competition involves training; most people think that running is the only method that promotes faster workouts. Other muscles need to get proper toning in order to gain the necessary strength. The ability to burn calories in your body can be boosted by attending weight training for runners.

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February 8, 2012