Daffodil international University Library successfully launched ILS Koha in its library system

Guests on the stage at the Launching of Library Software and Certificate Giving Ceremony

Launching of Library Software ( Koha-Integrated Library Management system) at Daffodil International University Library and Certificate Giving Ceremony was held today at Conference Room of the main Campus organized by DIU Library. Presided over by Prof. Dr. Golam Maowla Chowdhury, Proctor & Head, Department of ETE Prof. Dr. Aminul Islam, Emeritus Professor, DIU graced the occasion as the chief guest while Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. Lutfar Rahman was present on the occasion as the special guest. The function was also addressed among others by Prof. Dr. S. M. Mahabub-Ul- Haque Majumdder, Controller of Examinations and Dean, FSIT, Dr. Md. Fokhray Hossain, Registrar and Mr. Milan Khan, Librarian.

Librarian Mr. Milan Khan receiving certificate from Emeritus Professor Dr. Aminul Islam

Later chief guest of the program Emeritus Professor Dr. Aminul Islam distributed certificates among the trainee participants of  Library Software ( Koha-Integrated Library Management system).

41 Ways to Build Solid Muscles

Whether your approach to your physique as a hobby or a job, you should not leave any element to chance and hope it works. To overcome deadlocks and forge a ripped and muscular need all the tips and tricks you can get.

None of these techniques will work alone but by combining as many as possible will see a huge difference in your muscle growth, faster than before.
In the following weeks during each workout try to implement only one or two of these techniques into your life and be amazed with your results.

1. Training begins with 3 full body workouts every 48 hours.

2. Take your weight and multiply by 15 to determine your daily calorie intake if you want to gain weight.

3. Perform only 1 exercise per body part each full-body workout but perform a different exercise for each body part every workout. At the end of the week you have attacked each muscle group three times from three different angles.

4. Consume carbohydrates in a ratio of 2 to 1 with the protein after your workout in liquid form.

5. Perform each set to muscle fatigue occurs.

6. Use a training log and keep track of your progress.

7. Drink at least 4-6 liters of water a day.

8. Vary your reps and sets schemes more frequently than any other training variable.

9. Focus on exploiting the concentric portion of your movement and 3-4segundos take you to the eccentric portion of your program.

10. It aims to develop at least 5-6 pounds of lean muscle mass each month. Anything else will gain more fat.

11. Eat at least 10-15 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

12. Focus on compound movements in 80% of your workouts.

13. Alternate between dumbbells and weight bar every 2 weeks.

14. Only change an exercise when you get stuck in two workouts in a row.

15. Enter a display of model fitness or bodybuilding or transformation contest to keep you motivated. This is important if you want to gain muscle fast.

16. Follow a program for at least 12-16 weeks before trying the next.

17. Increase your sets to consistently increase by 5% tufuerza each week.

18. Eat a variety of whole eggs, chicken, lean meat, fish and whole milk during the day.

19. Use a training partner to motivate and to have an extra push to experience faster muscular growth.

20. Never train when you’re hungry if you want to build muscle fast.

21. Concentrate your carbohydrates when your body needs more breakfast, before exercise and after exercise.

22. Be sure to make strides and deadlift each week to increase the release of growth hormone and testosterone.

23. Hire a personal trainer if you have never received professional guidance on technique and form.

24. Stretch at least half the time you do surveys. If you pick up 3 hours Week kicks, schedule at least 1 ½ hours of yoga or
static stretching.

25. Train a muscle group throughout your range of motion to stimulate muscle size.

26. Use a cardiovascular exercise plan 20 minutes for 3 days a week, after training to maximize muscle to fat ratio while doing muscle volume.

27. Train your muscle group first less developed in every workout.

28. Avoid processed foods, packaged foods and fast food.

29. Avoid protein bars and any bodybuilding supplement that has
enculzantes artificial.

30. Have at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

31. Do not be afraid to overload your muscles with maximum strength and can not do your reps goal.

32. Eat a combination of olive oil, fish oil, coconut oil, mixed nuts and natural peanut butter every day.

33. Take a full week off after 12-16 weeks of training.

34. Be an observer to help you with your heaviest set.

35. Have a training program. Never go to the gym without a plan.

36. Perform 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching before exercise training decade weights.

37. Regular program of massage therapy to prevent injury.

38. Take a cold shower after every intense exercise training weights. It is a tedious, but it works.

39. Eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle mass.

40. The heart of your training should revolve around strides, deadlifts, rows, presses, pulls, funds and work focused on weight.

41. Train with someone bigger and stronger than you.

The Way To Awesome Chest Muscles

Most men want to know how to get pecs. It’s a staple of a good shirtless look. And for me, that’s one of the benefits of having muscle. That when you take your shirt off, for some imaginary or even real reason, people look in admiration.

I’ve found that building a great looking set of pectoral muscles to be the easiest of the main ‘showy’ muscles to sculpt well. It seems to take little to maintain and I’m guessing it may well be the same for you if you want to build up your pecs or just get more defined in that area.

In my opinion, pecs are the difference between looking buff and looking weak. At first glance many people will say ‘it’s the biceps’ but I wouldn’t say you have to have toned arms to not look weak. Remember those adverts where the puny guy has sand kicked in his face. His thin wiry frame may well have had biceps attached to it, but no pecs, no way.

So, there are three types of chest you can have and one that you want…

The ‘no-pec look’. Guys like this have no definition on their chests. It’s like they have never done any exercise that’s had any impact at all on that part of their body. It makes them look skinny and it’s not attractive by any means.

Worse by far are man-boobs. Even though when you have great pecs, people will still call them man-boobs. I don’t get it, but the look of saggy, slack, sacks of fat on a man’s chest is a serious turn off for ladies and is relatively easy to fix, so don’t stand for moobs!

The third look is the one we’re going for, so let’s find out how to get pecs.

First of all, there is one exercise which alone can give you great pecs and is fantastic for your arms and shoulders as well. You guessed it.

The Push Up

Many of you know how much I really like to promote these simple exercises that use your own body weight as the resistance. There’s a few reasons for that:

  • They’re simply and easy, and it’s hard to do them so wrong that you’ll cause yourself injury
  • You can do them anywhere and at nearly anytime so there’s no excuse not to
  • They actually work

Get to 100 push ups in the morning and you’ll know you’re getting fit. And that’s proper push ups, you know exactly what I mean.

They’ll do wonders for your pecs.

The Bench Press

If you’ve ever lifted weights to any degree, you’ll know about the bench press. Used often as a strength yardstick, not always correctly, with guys across the world asking ‘so, how much can you bench?’ and then exaggerating their own answer.

Most often used with a barbell but you can replace that with two dumbbells. In essence you’re lying flat on a bench, with your feet on the ground and lifting a barbell to almost fully extended above your head and down almost to your chest.

The Dumbbell Fly

Similarly to the bench press, you’re lying on a bench face up. Raise dumbbells above your so that they’re almost touching and move them apart to the sides to nearly the same level as your chest.

Some very simple and very effective exercises that will improve your physique immensely and when you’re doing them you’ll know that this is how to get pecs because you’ll feel it. In your pecs.

Now, what a lot of people aren’t telling you is that getting an awesome looking chest isn’t just about doing a bunch of exercises aimed solely at those specific muscles.

It’s also about building up other muscles and also your diet.

Other Muscle Groups

If you’re serious about building muscle and looking ripped, then you MUST work all of your muscle groups. If you’re just trying to tone up, it’s advisable to work all of your muscle groups.

In this case please make sure you’re also doing something with your shoulders and your arms. Firstly it’ll look weird if you don’t and secondly in order to have truly impressive pecs the surrounding muscles also need to be strong and visible.


Uh-oh. Surely you don’t need to diet when you’re lifting weights! Well, it depends what you mean by ‘diet’.

I don’t think the average Joe needs to get by on nothing but raw eggs and broccoli, but just remember, if you’re stuffing your face with pizza and burgers all week long your muscles that you’ve worked so hard to build will be covered by fat. And then your man-boobs will be worse than ever.

As with anything, use common sense and don’t ruin your own hard work.

The way to Build Muscle Easily – 3 Positive Fire Suggestions

Human beings are naturally impatient, and this even extends to the pursuit of a tough body. Numerous will ask tips on how to develop muscle promptly and, in truth, you’ll find some solid tips that you can follow to get yourself outcomes inside a matter of weeks.

To begin with, eat well and steer clear of too a lot of carbs. Protein and fats are the important to creating muscle swiftly. After you work out, the muscle fibres are “damaged” ever so slightly. When you really feel sore, it is an indication which you have done some of this great “damage”. Protein assists to repair the fibres and in carrying out so, will bulk you up.

Protein is important if you’d like to know how to develop muscle quickly. My recommendation would be to attempt the range of shakes available along with the very best ones consist of whey protein.

Secondly, be sure that you get a good workout. There is no sense in doing forty or fifty repetitions — this can be a confident fire approach to not learn how to develop muscle quickly. You are going to soon realise right after a matter of weeks whenever you do not build any muscle at all!

The important to acquiring an efficient workout is always to perform about eight to twelve repetitions per set. And once you reach that final repetition within the set, make sure you not be able to do a different one. You ought to be at failure and definitely unable to do a different 1. In the event you can, then you might be simply not using enough weight and have to have to boost it. This really is essentially the most helpful way to work out with weights and will give the most rapid growth in muscle tissue.

Lastly, motivation is extremely crucial. Diet program and workouts are key in studying the best way to create muscle swiftly, but you cannot accomplish any of it unless you could have the right motivation. Be certain your head is in gear first. Ask oneself — why do I choose to develop muscle. If it is simply to get 1 girl, forget it!

But if you’d like to improve your health, both body and mind, or choose that you are fed up of being weak, want confidence and also a greater outlook on life — these are all wonderful reasons for learning how you can create muscle immediately.

Muscle Growth: Are you “FITT” for it?

FITT is an acronym used in exercise physiology to simplify the rationale behind different exercise principles and systems used to achieve a particular goal. Below is the breakdown of the acronym and the relevant guidelines for muscle development.

F –    Frequency (of exercise)
I  –     Intensity (intensity = resistance/ load and reps
T –     Time duration of each exercise & session
T –     Type of exercises (e.g. progressive resistance training within a range of mainly 6-12 repetitions)
Using The FITT Principle for Muscle Development

Frequency of exercise:
Ideally workout each muscle group between once and at the very most twice a week with each primary muscle getting a minimum of 48hours recovery time before it’s put through its paces again.

Why? The answer is: due to the type, volume and intensity of exercise required to induce muscle growth, there is necessary “damage” to your muscle fibres that occurs. Even with 48hour rest periods between working out the same muscle groups you may still end up “over training” the muscles. By over training muscle, growth is stunted as the muscle becomes more and more stubborn to hypertrophy (growth) and prone to injury.

One of the reasons why over training actually stunts growth is due to an number or reasons including the body’s release stress hormones which are counter-productive to sustaining the anabolic state required for muscle growth.

Intensity of Exercise:
At this point you must be aware that the type of exercise for growth is predominantly weight/ resistance based. It’s common sense, right?
In weight/ resistance training INTENSITY is measured by the load or resistance to use. Ideally weight/load/ resistance selection is based on the muscle building repetition protocol which is; using weights that allow you to complete at least 6 and typically up to/ around 12 repetitions before you need a break.
“Occasionally” you can use weight that allows you to only perform between 1-6 reps or even light enough to allow you to complete repetitions within the muscle endurance training range. All in all, the load must be challenging for the repetition range. Remember that the first adaptation in order for a muscle to grow is for it to get stronger, and only when this is insufficient for the muscle to be at ease with the workload will your body’s different systems work at reinforcing muscle fibres by making them larger.

Time of exercise:
I come across thousands of guys who, in a bid to transform their physiques spend hours upon hours in the gym but to no avail. Simple truth is that marathon-style weight lifting sessions are absolutely unnecessary! No matter how much of a “pump” you get during your workout, YOU DO NOT GROW IN THE GYM! You grow whilst you are resting and recovering. The idea of 2 to 3 hour workouts is mostly counter- productive as you could end up restricting the post-exercise hormonal release which is responsible or priming your muscles to grow.
The truth is only 45 to 60 minutes is appropriate. The advanced/ conditioned athlete could possibly be able to handle durations of up to 90 minutes however it’s not for everyone.
You should always workout with intensity, vigor and focus. Chances are if you are spending a couple of hours per session, your workouts are not as vigorous as they could be. If that’s the case then you need to crank them up!

Type of Exercise:
The best “type” of training for muscle growth is progressively-overloaded resistance training following the F.I.T (frequency, intensity, time) principles above. “Progressive overload” is the gradual increase of stress placed upon the body during exercise training. Progressive overload not only stimulates muscle growth, it also stimulates the nervous system which aids in the development of stronger and denser bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.

Muscle Building Diet how it is different ?

A muscle building diet is quite different from other ordinary diets. A strict muscle building diet is very significant for all bodybuilders as the diet will impact their body building endeavor in a very big way.
In positive body building one needs muscle building diet that has a variety of healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. These foods not only help in building muscles but also play a great role in maintaining your muscles and reducing the excess fat in your body.

What Comprises of An Effective Muscle Building Diet?

If you want to add pounds of muscle to your body it is time you considered what constitutes to an effective muscle building diet. Maybe you are putting a lot of your time and effort in the gym but have significantly discouraging results.

Well its time you checked what is in your plate before hitting the gym as that will contribute to more than 65% of your body’s muscle response to excise. A diet plan is very important in body building; the diet should constitute the following carefully researched and identified foods

‧ Mixed nuts:
As part of a muscle building diet, mixed nuts contain mono and polyunsaturated fats, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, potassium and other essential minerals. Mixed nuts have a very high density of calories that are very effective in fast muscle gain.

‧ Beans and legumes:
The power of beans and legumes can never be ignored in any effective body building diets. Beans and legumes are a rich source of fiber and protein. The fiber helps in quick insulin response that is critical to muscle advancement. Most body builders prefer kidney beans which have nearly 14 grams of fiber and protein per cup.

‧ Fish:
A muscle building diet should be low in fat. However, the fish has a lot of fat but they are exempted as their fat type (omega-3) helps support the muscle-building process. A quick source of protein for body builders on the go would be the canned fish. Cold water fish such as salmon, tuna sardine and trout also top the list of excellent muscle body building diet.

‧ Red meat:
Red meat such as steak and hamburgers contain vitamin B12, creatine, hem iron, carnosine, zinc and protein. They have high calorie per serving ratio and make them an excellent option for muscle gain. However, as part of a muscle building diet, red meat should not be eaten daily; their saturated fats concentration is very high. A weekly diet of red meat will do just fine.

‧ Egg whites:
With a protein to fat ratio of 60:1, egg whites are undoubtedly the best and most pure protein diets in the world. The muscle building diet that comprises egg whites also has an extremely high biological value. The biological value is the fact that egg white is readily utilized by the body for protein synthesis.

Muscle building diet rules:
Even with a vast knowledge of the right diet, getting a muscle building diet plan is a very essential part of overall body building success.

The fore most rule is a circulation of your calorie intake. This assists in placing more calories on the days when you have a hard work out session and retain them for of the days you do not. It is also advisable to get plenty of protein sources with each meal or snack. The muscle density development is greatly influenced by this factor.

Increase your water intake. 70% of the body is made up of water. Your muscle cells, tissues and ligaments all contain water and need water for their proper functioning and development
Finally always add vegetable supplements in your diet. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli have high nutrient profiles, are low in calorie, have highly soluble fiber, reduce body fats and in general constitute an excellent muscle building diet.

Beginner’s Guide To Building Muscle Mass

One of the biggest mistakes that aspiring body builders make is to follow steps that they get from television or a magazine. Individuals must understand that the exercising requirements of different individuals are unique and the same training routine cannot be applied to a group of people. Moreover, those people who appear on television and in magazines are usually genetically gifted to have muscular bodies, so their regimens would definitely not suit the average person thinking of building muscle mass.

The average individual must follow a different approach for building muscle mass, which should not stress him out both physically and mentally. Before building muscle mass, the individual should think of gaining some strength and stamina. These traits are required if the individual wants to withstand the pressure and toughness endured during the training sessions. Starting with small weights is a good way to start the strength gaining regimen. Once the individual feels that he has gained enough strength, or if he feels that the weights do not feel very heavy anymore, he can add on more weight.

In the beginning, it is always advised that people go for free weights, or weights that are not attached to stationary machines. Dumbbells may feel stressful but they help in gaining muscle mass. At this point in time, it is best to stay away from machines.

Machines force the user into fixed and unnatural body movements which the beginner may not be accustomed to, and as a result there are very high chances of the individual injuring himself or pulling a muscle or two. With machines, individuals will not be able to gain as much muscle as they probably could with free weights. The reason is that free weights require the user to balance them, whereas machines balance the weight themselves thereby bringing down the stress levels on the user.

Without enough stress on the muscles, users would also see a sharp decline in the muscle mass they acquire through these regimens. And moreover the amount of flexibility and versatility free weights offer to the user is incomparable to the ranges of exercises one can do on a machine. Free weights are a lot cheaper, too, when compared to machines, which are not only expensive but also eat up a lot of space.

When exercising in the beginning, it is essential that the whole body gets a full workout. Giving attention to only the arms and the shoulders would create an imbalance in the body which would have adverse effects on other parts of the body. Therefore, it is necessary that the legs, thighs, abdomen and other parts of the body be given equal importance in the training program. Beginners are advised to go with full body workouts which include lots of cardio sessions as well.

Beginners Guide To Building Muscle

For beginners, going to the gym for the first time can be a challenging affair. It means meeting new people and using new equipment that they may not be familiar with. In general, it is totally out of a person’s comfort zone. If you are just starting out, here are some useful tips for building muscle for beginners.

When many people step into a gym for the first time, they usually get this feeling that everyone is watching and judging their every move. However, this is not usually the case; which means if it is your first time, no one is really judging you.  You may get a few glances, most of the time out of curiosity; however, you will realize that many people will be willing to give you tips or guidelines on how to work out effectively and safely.

The first thing a beginner who intends to build muscle should do is bring a friend along. There are two main reasons why you may want to bring a partner to the gym. The first one is that they will help you diffuse your nervousness. Secondly, they will act as your spotter. Having a spotter when exercising is not only safe, but it will help you push beyond the plateaus because they will be there to motivate you to squeeze further.
Another important tip for building muscle for beginners is that you should maintain a healthy diet. If you are going to exercise with the intention of gaining muscle mass, you need to eat the right kind of foods. In addition, ensure that you drink plenty of water. Lastly, do not neglect carbs because they will help you burn more fat.

One of the most fundamental issues that many people tend to overlook is the intensity of the workout. There is a huge misconception that if you want to build muscle, you have to work out intensively for several hours. Although this may be the case for professional bodybuilders, the technique behind building muscle for beginners is quite simple. Many experts will advise beginners to work out in moderation because their muscles are not used to the stress. Essentially, a three day split (work out for three days, and rest for two days) is ideal because it gives a beginner’s muscles a chance to recover and grow.

Finally, as a beginner, you may want to stay away from the supplements you see on TV and in magazines. If you feel at some point that you need to take them, make sure that you research and consult with an expert. Although some of them are effective, many experts in this area will tell you that your diet is much more important.

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The Importance of Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilders that used bodybuilding supplements have realized the effective results and gain the desired muscles they want. To some men doing bodybuilding is hard to accomplish there goals without taking supplements. Yet some can accomplish but is is very less significant and proficient.

Some bodybuilding supplements like the protein elements are very helpful to anyone who has less amount of this since it can help them constitute the deficiency of there diet. One additional benefit of body development is you can get double the amount of muscles and then in half that much time when compared to adhering a diet having no supplements.

Today there are a lot of bodybuilding supplements are out in the market which give us many options to decide on. And in fact some were overhyped on the market which you need to know certain things that can help you select the right one. Make sure that such supplement comes with the required protein powder of high quality similar to Omega 3 fish oil tables and have multivitamins of high quality. These particular 3 things will guarantee you to develop a more rewarding and ideal muscle without having any kind of steroids. Actually obtaining proteins that are beneficial to a bodybuilder will not come all from the product supplements but they can produce naturally. Once you try bodybuilding and get an understanding and help from others or by research you will discover the different nutrients required.

Avoiding blood boosters, steroids and stimulant drugs and also growth hormones is a tough necessity as these may put in danger your own body’s health even though muscle mass gains can be accomplished in a shorter space of time your whole body won’t stay at its good health.

Essentially there are lots of possible options worth finding out about the right bodybuilding supplement for both men and women. Having the capacity to establish the best option offers you a substantial reward on developing a perfect body shape. As a matter of fact you will have to decide through among the many various bodybuilding supplement opportunities around. It’s good to get knowledgeable about the various alternatives prior to making your final option.