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On 14 th June 2009, DIU  experience 2nd DIU fruit festival organized by Daffodil International University Sports Club (DIUSPC) held at DIU auditorium (Prince Plaza). It was a huge croud at the festival. 19 stall and almost 100+ perticipants participate at 2nd DIU fruit festival. The Slogan was, ” See The Difference”. The reality came when the festival open at 10.00 am by Professor Aminul Islam, Vice Chancellor, Daffodil International University. Stalls presenting  different seasonal local and continental fruits along with different dishes made by fruits. Including fruit juice, pickle, fruit salad, faluda, castard, vorta, lunch item, and many more.

Crowd experience not only the taste of the foods but also a good  get together and bliss of youth.

The objective of this program not only limited to the festival only but also to inform the young generation about their culture,introducing with the local fruits, and spot their prospect, what actually they can do if they been together.

Our Honorable Chairman, BOG, Mr. Sabur Khan visited the fair around at 11.30 am morning. He declared a financial incentive for the best three stall just after visited the fair.

A team of three faculty memebers , me , Siddiqur Rahman from Faculty of Business and Economics, Mr. Mustafizur Rahman Sameen from English department, and Shamim Al Mamun from Science department coordinate the whole program. A good number of volunteers (12) and staff from different level , and development officers support the whole day long festival from their individual position.

Three judges made their judgement in different criteria to find the best 3 stalls. After their judgement they hand over the result to the organizers.

During the fair a number of electronic and print media cover the festival news and take the interview of the organizer regarding their experience and the reason they organize this kind of festival.

Head  of the  Department, faculty members from different faculty and administrative officers visited the fair and had their lunch at the festival, they also bought fruits for them and for their family members. Students participates and visit the festival  with enthusiasm and very much excited. they also bought the fruits and other dishes made by fruits. A wide variations of juice was the major attraction at the festival.

The fair finished at 4.00 pm and the price giving cerimony started at 4.15 pm. Honourable Vice Chancellor, Professor Aminul Islam hand over the crest and incentive to the best three stall. BANGALIANA the champion of last Food festival again win the championship crest at the 2nd DIU fruit festival. Congartulation them again.

At the end Vice Chacellor sir made his valuable  speech to the participants and students and gave thanks to all who worked to made the festival success.

Now you can see the difference, because seen is beliving.

Regards to all

Siddiqur Rahman


Daffodil International UNiversity Sports Club (DIUSPC)

One of the stall among 16 stall
One of the stall among 16 stall

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