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As an AI language model, ChatGPT is designed to engage in conversations with human users in a natural and intelligent way. Built on the GPT-3.5 architecture, ChatGPT is one of the most advanced language models in the world, capable of processing vast amounts of text data and generating responses that are often indistinguishable from those of a human. The usage of ChatGPT is immense. It has brought a revolution in different fields in our lives, especially  the field of education.

Teaching and learning is an integral part of our life. We have been using technology in teaching and learning for a long time. We cannot deny the role of Technology in our everyday lives especially in education. In the previous era, a teacher had to do a lot of duties and responsibilities for the betterment of his/her students. It took a lot of time and effort. But what will happen if we can perform a task within a few seconds instead of a few hours? Yes, ChatGPT makes it possible. Let us discuss the advantages and roles of ChatGpt in the field of teaching and learning. 

Actually, the role is not limited to some points. Here we are discussing some key roles of ChatGPT in our teaching and learning system. 

Preparing Curriculum: When we think of an educational system for any particular level like secondary, Higher Secondary or the Tertiary level, at first we have to think about a particular curriculum. Previously, we had to do a lot of hard work and needed much time for developing a specific curriculum. But, if we give the command to ChatGPT with proper information like level of learners, target and focus of the curriculum, age, gender, any special requirement, it will take a few moments and show us the best possible result. As we know that ChatGPT follows the commands of human beings, we need to customize its ultimate result. But it makes the overall task so easier and faster than the previous work. 

Preparing a Course Outline: It is an interesting task that ChatGPT actually does for us. To ensure our effective teaching and learning, we need to prepare different types of course outline. Few months ago, when anyone or a particular group of academicians wanted to develop a course outline, it needed at least 2 to 3 weeks. They had to do hard labor both mentally and physically. For example, a course titled “Data Structure” or “Second Language  Acquisition.” A group of scholars needed to sit together and find out different relevant outcomes of these particular courses. Then, they had to break down the whole course in various segments/classes with detailed tasks and class activities. Thus, it required a huge time. Now, ChatGPT makes it so much easier. We just give the command to ChatGPT and show a complete and relevant course outline within a few minutes. Obviously, it reduces our working pressure and time. 

Designing a Lesson Plan: So far we have discussed preparing curriculum and courses. Now, the time to focus on a particular lesson plan. It is very simple if anyone takes help from ChatGPT. In the past decades, we saw that a teacher had to invest a lot of time and effort to design a lesson plan. Many factors should be kept in mind for designing a lesson. But now ChatGPT gives us the opportunity to design a lesson plan in the blink of an eye. We have to just give the command to ChatGPT to design a lesson plan and it will instantly provide it in detail. For instance, I gave a command to ChatGPT “ Design a 60 minutes interactive lesson plan on Usages of Technology” and it provided a suitable lesson plan for me. It took only a few seconds. 

Homework and Assignment Assistance: ChatGPT can be recommended by teachers for taking help to complete assignments of their learners. It is mentionable that it could be suggested as the additional resources for any particular topic or concept. It helps students to gather knowledge who need extra assistance outside the classroom. Of course, students will not just copy and paste to complete their tasks but they will gather knowledge and take help. After that they will produce their own piece. If they just do copy and paste, it would not be an issue for a teacher to detect. This is also interesting. Because ChatGPT will help the teacher to find out the plagiarism. 

Suggestion of Different Learning Joy Factors:  According to human psychology,  students cannot hold concentration for more than 15 to 20 minutes in a class. So, we need  ice breaking sessions or different learning joy factors related to the lesson. Some people struggle with this type of learning. Nowadays, it is so easy to find a suitable icebreaking or joy factor. And ofcourse the solution is already there in ChatGpt. A teacher will give commands to ChatGPT regarding this matter and he/she will get a list of activities, ice breaking sessions and so on. 

Preparing Creative Questions: Sometimes, teachers need to prepare creative questions for taking any exams. So, they need to think, brainstorm and match the questions from the level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. It requires a lot of mental pressure and much time. ChatGPT has already brought the solution. Now, a teacher gives a simple command to ChatGPT by writing down his/her requirements and it instantly provides a question. For example, if we give a command like “ Prepare a creative essay type question on SWOT Analysis from the Analyzing Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy”, it  provides us with the exact question that we actually want. In fact, ChatGPT can provide us with any sort of questions like M.C.Q and so on. 

Professional Development: ChatGPT also provides a lot of opportunities to the teachers for their professional development. No doubt, it is a valuable tool for the teachers. It offers teachers access to a huge amount of resources that helps them to enhance their teaching skills. 

However, besides these roles, there are plenty of scopes to use ChatGPT in teaching and learning. ChatGPT is not a replacement for human beings; rather it is a trustworthy assistant that helps us to make our  teaching, learning and daily activities easier and faster. So, if we want to be a skillful and smart teacher by enhancing  our unique abilities and qualities during this current revolution, we must embrace AI, specifically ChatGPT in our teaching and learning.  That is why the power and technological advancements of AI are now suitable for use by teachers and universities. Moreover, with the help of technology, teachers will be able to easily establish themselves as role models to students by eliminating all the barriers and prejudices that existed in the old education system. 

Writer’s biography: 

Emran Khan, Lecturer, Department of English

Got Mevlana Scholarship (Turkish fully funded Scholarship), Received Change Maker Award in 2022, Received Certificate from Dr. Dipu Moni, Honorable Education Minister, Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. 

Mission: To do something good for the society, country and my community by conducting different research activities with the help of the latest technologies.