Grandmaster Ziaur Rahman (5th from right) among the participants of the workshop on “How to Improve in Chess” organized by Chess Club of Daffodil International University. 

A chess training workshop entitled “How to Improve in Chess” was held at Daffodil International University during 21-24 December 2018. Top Grandmaster of Bangladesh Ziaur Rahman and FIDE Master Mehdi Hasan Parag conducted the four-day workshop.

They discussed various strategies and tactics necessary for winning a chess game. They analyzed many openings, middle games and endgames, providing useful tips. They advised the chess players to develop their own opening repertoire, e.g. Ruy Lopez, King’s Indian, Queen’s Gambit, Caro-Kann and Sicilian, in order to perform better in competitions. GM Ziaur Rahman played simultaneously with 12 players and gave feedback after the grand round.

The workshop was organized by the Chess Club of DIU and participated by the members of the club and a few other chess enthusiastic students and teachers. The Club moderator Dr. Binoy Barman addressed the inaugural and closing ceremony of the workshop, mentioning that students should play chess regularly since it is a good exercise for brain and helps to develop strategic intelligence.