MCT students working in multimedia, graphic design and animation sector at Channel i on 11th National Parliament Election pose for a photograph

We congratulate the Head, Faculty members and students of the Department of Multimedia and Creative Technology (MCT) of Daffodil International University (DIU) for proudly uplift their reputation and prove their quality and standard of Work. A group of students from MCT Department contributed to the Channel i for disseminating the news of the 11th National Parliamentary Election through real time graphical representation of the election.
They worked for about a month to present the election to the whole world. The entire team contributed on making – 3D promo video, 2D promo video, 5 distinct pieces of result showcasing CG cards and of course demographic map for result overview. Channel I authority expressed their highest satisfaction at the creative works done by the students of  MCT Department of Daffodil International University.
We hope this example of DIU students will inspire other media houses and channels to create opportunity for the MCT students to contribute more in any national and international level event in the near future in media.
The entire team consisted of 15 members was formed with the faculty members, current students and alumni of DIU MCT. The students of the team are: Rafim Ansary, Dipto Ahsan, Murad Ibne Mizan, Rakib Hasan, Farabi, Mahabub Alam Ridoy, Udoy Kollol, Supto Chakraborti, Masum Billah Zihad, Fahad Abbasy, Shah Noman Khan and Rahatul Aknd.
With a bold control over the team, Dr. Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, contributed as the Project Director. Among others, DIU faculty members, Ms. Apurba Ghosh, Mr. Mizanur Rahman, Mr. Salahuddin also contributed in the project. .
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