A team of sixteen students and one faculty from the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Daffodil International University visited KITC, a North American based outsourcing company, to learn about their operational procedures and leadership excellence. At KITC, each of their employees is trained to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. That means, they learn to identify pressing problems around us all and work in their area of expertise to develop solutions that could not only be monetized for profits but could potentially change the world. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

When asked about the employability skills of the graduates in Bangladesh, Country Director and CEO of KITC, Ms Zara Mahbub replied that it is communication skills and attitude that are mainly required in becoming a successful professional. She appreciated Daffodil International University for launching the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and introducing a course on Employability 360 degrees for making the students employable in this exponentially changing world.