To meet the growing demand of skilled, and educated manpower in the fast growing real estate sector in Bangladesh, the Department of Real Estate, Daffodil International University (DIU) have started its journey from Summer Semester, 2008. We are also proud to inform you that we are the first among all the public and private universities in Bangladesh to open such a unique department with a view to produce good graduates in Bachelor of Real Estate (BRE) with quality education on real estate to face the challenge of 21st century and onwards. We believe our endeavor will play an important role for solving the housing problems in Bangladesh through supplying qualified and competent human resource in this field. We believe our endeavour will play an important role for solving the housing problem in population-ridden Bangladesh. We deem it as a part of our social responsibility.

The department offers a broad-based, rigorous curriculum taught by a team of highly qualified faculty members. It is committed to provide quality education so that the employers can get competent and efficient executives to meet their needs. BRE aims to provide a stimulating educational experience for people wishing to develop real estate and housing expertise through policy-making and research or other related professional activities.

Curriculum of the Department:

Bachelor of Real Estate (BRE) program, under the Faculty of Business & Economics is spread over 04 (four) academic years (levels) and 12 (twelve) semesters. It consists of 128 (one hundred and twenty eight) credits and 42 (forty two) courses in total. Courses are practical and of contemporary standard with future value. Courses like: Introduction to Real Estate Business, Principles of Real Estate, Principles of Urban Planning, Introduction to Environmental Science, Environmental Issues in Real Estate, Real Estate Marketing Management, Fundamentals of Civil Engineering, Fundamentals of Architecture in Real Estate Planning, Urban Hazards & Risk Management, Urban Land Use & Development, Real Estate Law & Public Policy, Urbanization & Project Management, Geographical Information System (GIS) in Real Estate, Real Estate Logistics Management, Contemporary Issues of Real Estate in Bangladesh, Real Estate Investment Analysis & Valuation, Statistics in Real Estate, etc. are taught in the program.

Objectives of the Department:

  • Enhancing consumer awareness, to assist the real estate industry in expanding its standards and level of professional ethics and responsibilities in a planned approach.
  • Boosting up the security measures scientifically and technologically with a view to evading overwrought day to day life.
  • Capitalizing the lesser land and resources of our population-ridden country by maximizing its apposite usage.
  • Caring for the beautification of the urban life by accommodating different social classes in a spick and span manner according to their status, ability and appetite.

General Features of the Department:

¡ First Time in Bangladesh

¡ Around one hundred students have already been enrolled

¡ Good quality faculty members

¡ Contemporary & up-dated course curriculums

¡ Scholarships basing on good results in each semester

¡ Good environment to study


Career Prospects of the department:

As the students of this subject with immense scopes, Bachelors from the Department of Real Estate have great future ahead. After a successful completion of the subject, Bachelor of Real Estate graduates can build up career in many sectors, like:

  • Portfolio Manager, Real Estate Management Consultant/Advisor in the field of  Real Estate Management
  • Town Planner
  • Urban & Rural Developer
  • Real Estate Finance Analyst, Urban Economist
  • Property Manager/Estate Manager
  • Statuary Bodies like, RAJUK, RDA, KDA, CDA, UDD, Municipal Authority, Planning Organizations
  • Property Developer
  • Real Estate consultancy & Management Farms
  • Fund & Asset Management Companies
  • In other broad range fields in home & abroad like Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Farms, etc.

Faculty Members of the Department:

Among the faculty members, Prof. M. Shahjahan Mina, Advisor, Daffodil International University and Assistant Professor & Head of the department of Real Estate, DIU mark the distinguished standard. The department also has some quality teachers from BUET, with specific subjective ideas. Within few semesters, there has been a positive response from parents, guardians as well as the business community regarding BRE program. Presently there are a total number of 81 students enrolled in the department aspired to be BRE graduates. The student response is satisfactory and the number is increasing at a good pace. Presently the department is working boosting up the spirit of the existing students. Relevant expertise seminars, presentations, projects, workshops, etc. are being organized for the benefit of the students from the department at every semester. Person like real estate entrepreneurs, experts, BUET engineers are invited in those programs to share their experience & render their advice among the students. For example, as a guest teacher, Mr. M. A. Matin, Director, Operations, of Sagufta City Developers Ltd. is taking courses in every semester in the Department of Real Estate. Thus students are getting real flavour of real estate industry in the campus.

Mission of the Department:

The department is taking initiatives to innovate new steps to making the department more and more flourished. It is looking for more and more practical/industrial/company attachment for the betterment of our students. The students of the Department invented and demonstrated a splendid business plan on “Floating Restaurant Made by Ferro-Cement”, in the DIU 2nd Business festival2010, organized by and held in DIU campus. With the assistance of the teachers, students are working to innovate and develop new plans to alleviate the risks and to maximize the opportunities of housing sector. Department of real Estate works for facilitating the opportunities in low cost housing with security & resistance.

MBA Major in Real Estate:

The effectiveness of MBA Major in Real Estate from the Summer 2010 is a successful leap for the whole university. Department of real Estate is really happy that it has successfully initiated the MBA degree in Real Estate. After the completion of the graduation, students will get the opportunity to harness the merit in the Masters level by completing this higher study. Students completing graduation from other department/ faculty can also study in this subject.

Contact Address:

For further information, 102, Shukrabad, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207. Telephone: 9138234, 9138235, 9116774, 9136694. Fax: 88-02-9131947,



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