Anime which is an abbreviated pronunciation in Japanese of Animation. For rest of the world it is known as Japanese animation.

Naroto Anime
Naruto Anime

Anime has become so popular through out the world that only anime is bringing the whole Japan to every part of the world. So to say Japan has created a culture that is rising its head above all, a culture named Anime Culture.

Anime is getting so popular recently that many of the other countries are now starting to produce their own anime (animation following the rules of Japanese animation). Many countries along with Japan also arrange Cosplay competition where people dress up as their favorite anime characters.

Cosplay of naruto
Cosplay of naruto

There are differences between cartoon and anime. Cartoon normally is about random stories where fun is given the most importance. Sounds are loud, deep color use but for anime its like a movie or drama. Every amime comes with good and interesting stories, musics composed by famous musicians which can alone send us to a different world. Color use is moderate and has more details with the use of lights and shadows. Together all these materials can send anyone into the world of that story which is used for the anime. When watching anime every characters seem to be real and you are bound to forget that you are watching an animation movie/series. Most of the Anime normally use Japanese Manga art which gives an anime a bit more different and unique look. Some characters has such cuteness that no one can resist getting charmed by it. Many people even make their own music video from taking clips from anime and songs by other famousĀ  singers making it more beautiful which is now known as AMV (Anime Music Video)

(AMV made by supercatwd, Posted in: Youtube, Anime name: Tsubasa Chronicles, Music/Song: Wind of Hope by Andru Donalds and Eugenia Vlasova)

The musics used in Anime is normally Japanese as it is produced in Japan. The musics are so great that when an anime is dubbed into English for releasing worldwide, they leave the music as it is. Some musics are dubbed but with the same rhythm and translated lyrics.

(Song: song of storm and fire, Used in Anime: Tsubasa chronicle, Posted in Youtube by: syaoran456)

It is unfortunate that some people still haven’t witnessed the greatness of Anime but throw negative comments on it. Many of them confuse anime with cartoons. For people like this i really advice that they watch a few anime first then comment on it. Japan has already proved that the whole world can be one, sharing a same culture that is Anime Culture. Some people may disagree with it saying we have our own culture. True enough but if a country has such beauty in its culture then what’s wrong sharing it with the rest of the world? We would want to share the beauty of our culture with the rest of the world too am I not correct? So lets all be positive about Anime Culture and share its beauty together.

Shah – Al – Mamun

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