International Affairs of Daffodil International University and the Department of Law jointly organized an e-Master Class on ‘Artificial Intelligence and the Limits of Legal Personality’ today on 27 October 2020. Dr. Andy Pusca, Rector, Danubius University of Galati, Romania was conducted the class through webinar. In the meantime Professor Dr. Farhana Helal Mehtab, Associate Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Social Science of DIU, Mr. Syed Raihan-Ul-Islam, Assistant Director of International Affairs and more than hundred students from the Department of Law were also present at the class.

Dr. Andy Pusca said that artificial intelligence is a type of computer program that can review information without human help, make decisions on its own, and learn from its own mistakes and perform any task more accurately in the future. At present, the use of artificial intelligence has also started in the legal profession. This makes the work of a lawyer much easier. Dr. Andy Pusca also talks about how to learn the rules, logic and perception of law using artificial intelligence. He said, students need to know about artificial intelligence and also have knowledge about its usages. Otherwise, they will not be able to go very far in their career.

After the class, a Q and A session was held where students make questions and Dr. Andy Pusca answered them.