Teaching was and is always considered as a noble profession. People come to this profession out of their deep passion for teaching. Teachers are always valued as highly intellectuals. But if we compare their intellectuality with their salaries or earning, it was never that lucrative. But things have changed because of the booming emergence of Internet. Now teachers can be global and can earn millions of dollars. During the Corona pandemic this really happened. Great educational platforms have created this opportunity for the teachers especially for the online teachers. In this blog we will discuss in detail the immense earning possibilities for online teachers. 

Teachers were rich intellectually but not financially- Past Scenario:

In the whole world, teaching is considered as a great noble profession. They are meant to build the nation. They contribute their time and life for creating new knowledge and distributing them among the humankind, to be more focused, among the students. The students then use the knowledge in different sectors of their specialization and contribute to the development of the whole nation as well as the whole world. So basically teacher are contributing for the overall development of the world intellectually. But in return what they basically get? They get honor, they get respect. But in most of the countries, teachers suffer financially. They lead a lower or middle lower class life. 

The scenario is changed now:

The time is changed, situation is changed.  In past teachers were limited to small classrooms. Their teaching was limited to a few number of students. Teachers were local teachers. But now teachers can be global. They can have millions of students and can earn millions of dollars. Online teaching has made it possible.

Online Education has emerged:

During the Corona pandemic all educational Institutions were forced to move online. All schools, colleges and Universities shifted their regular classroom teaching to online teaching. A huge number of educational Platforms came into limelight. New platforms are created. A good number of teaching learning management software are created and come into actions. The total scenario has changed. This has created the BIG opportunity for the teachers to earn online. 

Local Teachers now can become global teachers:

In the past, all the teachers were local teachers. They used to teach in their respective school or college or university. And their students were also local students and student number was also very small. But the educational platforms have created the opportunity for the teachers where teachers can become online teachers, they can become global online teachers and can teach online to unlimited number of students and can earn millions of dollars.

Students from the whole world can be your students now:

Anyone from any part of the globe can learn from any teacher now. The demand and the need of students/learners are different. They need online teachers for their particular skill or knowledge. So they can now avail this opportunity. According to their need and choice they can choose their teacher anywhere from the world and learn from him/her. So students have become global students now. Through the different learning platforms they can access any teacher from anywhere of the globe to learn his/her skill/knowledge. They are also willing pay a good amount of money for their specific learning. So teachers from anywhere in the world can avail this opportunity and teach online and earn online millions of dollars. 

The Earning Possibilities for online teachers:

Let’s now have an idea about the earning possibilities of a online teacher. The numbers of active global online students are more than 1.6 billion! At the same time there are at least 300-400 million global online passive knowledge seekers in the world. Not only that, there is also a great demand of special skills and specialized knowledge.  There is a great demand of corporate skills, corporate knowledge and practical skills as well. So on total the number of global online learners or students are limitless. So there is a great demand of online teachers and online teaching.

Thus we can understand that the earning possibilities for online teachers and online teaching is beyond limit. If an online teacher can attract a very small fraction of the total global online students to his/her online course(s) and charge a few dollars it should surplus millions of dollars.

Online education is extensively booming now:

To create this opportunity educational organizations/companies/institutions have created/expanded their online ventures. That is why online education is extremely booming at present. Everyone is moving towards online teaching and learning. Online educational platforms are growing rapidly with all the possible requirements to fulfill this demand. Software are developed to facilitate this online teaching learning system. Big companies, organizations are patronizing these platforms. New platforms are emerging every day. Every platform is trying to give the best quality, best facility, best opportunity, and best software to attract the online students. So teachers should be online teachers and try to avail these opportunities and start their online teaching.

So many successful online educational platforms are available:

To become a global online teacher global online platforms are required. There are already a good number of successful online educational platforms available in the world that the online teachers can be a part of. These platforms already have millions of registered learners in their platforms. So online teachers need not to think about their students. They just need a demandable high quality course(s) and be associated with these online platforms. Students will by themselves enroll to the course(s).  

We can mention some of the popular and successful online educational platforms where online teaches can be attached into, like-Skillshare, Udemy, Masterclass,,,,,, LinkedIn Learning (Ex Lynda). There are so many other good platforms also where teachers can add their online courses and earn millions of dollars.

There is scope for every online teacher:

The most amazing fact for online teachers is that teachers from any discipline, any subject, and any area can make/add course(s) in these platforms and there are ample number of students for any kind of courses. The teachers need not be from any special or particular subject or discipline or need not limit themselves in any particular areas. A teacher can make a course literally on anything. They can make a course on arts or crafts, on painting or music, even in a very untouched area of knowledge or skill of life. From science to commerce, from Humanities to daily needs, any topic, any course can be developed and offered in these platforms and can earn millions of dollars. So anyone with a good knowledge or skill on any topic can be an online teacher and can make an online course. So the possibilities/scopes are endless.

Can online teacher really earn millions of dollars?

The answer is ‘YES’. Let us do some simple calculations, things will be clear to us all. Let us consider the course named ‘Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from Zero to Hero in Python 3’ in Udemy. The course fees is $17.99 per person. And already more than 1,208,510 students have enrolled into this course. So the total earning from this course is=$18 x 1208510=21, 753180 dollars. That means more than 21 million dollars.  Let’s then talk about another very simple and common course on Udemy. The course name is ‘Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advance’, the course price is $18.99 per person and the total number of students enrolled for this course is at least 624,718. So the total income from this course is $19 x 624,718 =11869642 dollars that means more than 10 million dollars.

The Final Note: the Possibilities Revealed

So, this is very much clear and proven that online teachers with a well-designed course(s) can really earn millions of dollars. But to accomplish this task a teacher need to go online, need to be associated with a popular online educational platform and sell his/her course to the global students. With strong determination and passion an online teacher can really earn millions of dollars. I have another blog on ‘How can we become a really successful online teacher?’. Please read that article and share this article to your community and friends. Also write your questions and comments in the comment section of this blog. Thanks for reading.

About the Writer:

Mohammad Mustafizur Rahman (Sameen Sadman) is an Assistant Professor of English at Daffodil International University. His area of expertise is ELT and English Literature. He is also passionate about online teaching and learning. He has a good number of national and international high class research publications, seminar and conference papers. He regularly conducts workshops on teaching technics, flipped classroom, Computer Assisted Language Learning, Blended Teaching and so on. He is also a popular video content creator and motivational speaker.