Who doesn’t want to experience the beauty of the world! And when the opportunity comes as an honorable, fully-funded scholarship such as Erasmus+ Program, none should miss it. So, when Daffodil International University offered Erasmus+ Program for a semester in Turkey, I took the life-changing opportunity.

Merhaba! I am Razia Sultana, a student of the Department of English at Daffodil International University. I had done a semester at Karabuk University, Turkey under Erasmus+ Program and was lucky enough to experience the history and culture of the once famous Ottoman Empire. It was my first time going abroad and the excitement of it was something that I had not felt before.

After reaching there I was really happy to see the accommodation Karabuk authority arranged for me. I also cannot but mention their helpfulness in the official works and other additional problems that I faced. As a student of Literature, I experienced the new education system and regardless of saying, all the teachers were very helpful and friendly. I was deeply touched by the kindness of the Turkish people and though having a language barrier, made a lot of friends. I made friends from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Myanmar and through them I got to learn a lot about their culture and language.

Besides studying, I visited a lot of places around Turkey and they provided me with amazing experiences. The capital of Turkey, Ankara and Istanbul, famously known as the bridge between Asia and Europe was worth paying a visit. Other than that, I visited some cities like Bartin, Amasra, Zonguldak, Trabzon beside the Black Sea and some other cities like Antalya, Fethiye beside the Mediterranean Sea. Every place was unique in itself and holds a great beauty. I also got the opportunity to do scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea and paragliding up in the open sky.

To add to my happiness, I experienced snowfall for the first time. The temperature went down to minus and in spite of being too cold I enjoyed the weather. When the time of departure came, it was very hard to say goodbye to the teachers and all my friends.      

Erasmus+ Program was indeed a turning point in my student life. I would recommend, all students should try to get such opportunity at least once in their student life. Daffodil International University and the International Affairs Office provides students with all the information and help they need to apply and get a good scholarship in different countries. I am thankful to them and everyone who made it possible for me to have the experience of a lifetime.