International Affairs, DIU hosted a webinar on the “Neurotechnologies and Machine Learning” in cooperation with the Dept. of Software Engineering, DIU today on November 17, 2020; where Dr. Maxim G. Sharaev, Visiting Professor, Vyatka State University, Russia; and Researcher, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia has been the Resource Person of the webinar. In his presentation, Dr. Sharaev discussed key ideas related to the use of neurological data in building medical decision support systems that could aid medical personnel in diagnosing different diseases, custom tailored e-education systems and systems that could help coaching staff working towards performance improvement of players participating in cyber sports activities.

K. M. Imtiaz-Ud-Din, Assistant Professor, Department of Software Engineering, DIU has joined the program along with other faculty members & officials. More than a hundred students of different tertiary level educational institutions from both Russia and Bangladesh attended the session and took part in Q/A segment too.