The day was march 15th. It was a pretty hot day. Walking down the AB1 after our last class we were debating if we should take the early bus home or hangout for a while. I was too tired and the heat was too much. I knew we would meet again tomorrow so I left early. Only I didn’t know that tomorrow was far out of reach.

As I sit today staring at the window, all of a sudden, I feel the urge to note down how much I have missed my campus every day for the past 6 months. This is my Story about the warmth of my campus life.

Its been almost 2 years I joined my university. And in this 2 year I spent more than 8hours daily in campus. Sometimes it was due to long hours of classes, sometimes for exam preparations and most times it was just to spent time with my friends.

We have a huge green campus. During scorching heat walking from one place to another was like a challenge. But that same path during winter as the wind breeze blew by felt like a walk I wouldn’t want to miss. But few things never changed. Summer or winter, even after a very tiring day, gossiping in cafeteria or green garden with friends will always be my favorite refreshment.

When I first started university, everything was new. It was my first time travelling so far from home. I was nervous if I could fit in, if my teachers would like me, if my department was a good choice to begin with and if I would be lonely. A lot of things ran my mind. We were a batch of spring. I believe that’s the luckiest batch. You see we got all the events starting from the beginning of the year. And what better chance to get to know my campus and people more than programs and events.

Foundation day of 2019 began. I remember being on the 6th floor and I looked down to see the beautiful green field filled with pretty colors. I realized my campus is beautiful but the blooming colors added by the students made it like a garden full of bewitching flowers. We make our campus even more Gorgeous.

In this huge field with more than 50,000 students, I found few smiles, few hugs and few friends I wanted to carry for 4 years. Standing in the same place where I felt lonely once, I felt like I belonged here this time. Their started my journey of university life. It was adventurous like a roller coaster. Filled with surprise turns and ups and down. No matter how scary the ride gets, you always enjoy it, don’t you?

One amazing year passed by so quickly. Like they say, good times do end faster. I have so many memories to hold on to. We were just enjoying every day and everything. For a girl who had ‘going to concert’ in Wishlist, I got surprised by countless number of concerts of my favorite bands. The auditorium would light up during concerts by the amusement of us students.

I will not lie and say I only have good stories to share about my campus life. I did have hard times. I lost few friends along the way and Stirred trouble myself. I did get called to my head sirs office quite a few times. But I have no regrets. The ones I lost were once dear to me. I still have fond memories with them in my campus. Even though we got caught and got scolded, we did enjoy bunking few classes and making stupid decisions. So that was still worth it because if you have never taken a risk and do something you like, you are missing on the excitement of life.

Even after being a trouble maker of my department, my teachers still gave me lots of love. There are few teachers who were more like a friend, and sometimes like a guardian when needed. They encouraged me to keep up my grades and also leaded me to take part in other activities alongside. They taught me to balance studies and social life. Being an extreme introvert, I always had troubles communicating with the teachers. Fortunately, here my teachers kept extra care of me making me feel comfortable and reliable.

There used to be a time when I felt I needed a break from my campus life. I was tired after such long hours of classes and travelling. But now that situation led to this prolonged vacation, I wonder why I ever wished for a break. I ask myself what is all this rest bringing me if all I want is to go back to that life where I used to come back tired but more so alive.

Life never stops and it goes on. Education is backbone of life and it shall go on. And it does. Through online classes. Yes, I do study and I do attend. But its never the same. I don’t get to see my beautiful campus early in the morning or go hugging my friends. I don’t get to greet my teachers in the hallway or I don’t get to travel the miles. The tension we felt when sudden quizzes took place and how helplessly we looked at each other. I soon realized the things that tired me are the things I miss the most. Online classes can never bring back those.

Sipping on the cup of coffee staring at the screen, I am reliving the times as I type today, every story I share is a reminder of how much my campus means to me. The evergreen campus still lies right there but it doesn’t look as happy and charming as it would. The campus heart is missing, the campus students are nowhere to be seen.

Hope is all we have left. Hope that soon we can walk into that campus making it alive once again, screaming and shouting like we own it. The warm hug that awaits. When will that day come again?

Written by: Naeema Kabir Mona- 191-34-161