I am Wang Ting from SIAS University, China. In the winter vacation of 2019, I had the honor to come to Daffodil International University (DIU) & Bangladesh, a beautiful country rich in ancient civilization, as a participant of DIU Winter Program 2019 from 16 to 21 January. As university students, we should not only have rich cultural knowledge but also actively take steps to expand our horizons. After arriving in Bangladesh, we were amazed by everything here. The organizer gave everyone a Bangla name. My Bengali name is MISTI, which means “sweet” in English. Before I went to Bangladesh, I had all kinds of imagination about this country and the life after I arrived here. I consulted a lot of relevant materials and pictures with my friends. We are well prepared to embark on this long-awaited road.

Once off the plane, we felt the warm spring air, as if we had already felt the burning passion of the Bengali people. On the way from the airport to our international hostel, I was curious about everything outside the window and took out my mobile phone to record new things I had never seen before. I like the Bangladeshi people who are always smiling. In the beginning, I was shy. Then my new Bangladeshi friends started talking with us. It was their chatting that made me express myself bravely and feel happy. I marvel at the variety of food here, each with a unique and unforgettable taste. After arriving at the beautiful DIU, we were immersed in the comfortable scenery together. Bright campus, clean dormitory, beautiful restaurant. We visited the historical National Museum, the Dhaka University with profound cultural attainments, the Rose Garden with characteristics and local families, visited the National Martyrs’ Memorial of Bangladesh and listened to the Nobel Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus’s speech.

Experiencing different cultures and customs, and also making many new friends, is a very big gain for me to come here. Each Chinese student left with the traditional Henna design in hand. I even hope it can stay in our hands forever as a witness of our friendship! On the last night of BBQ, we all had big smiles on our faces and sang and danced together. In just a few days, we have forged a deep friendship and I hope we can keep in touch and share each other’s life. Thanks to the International Affairs of DIU for all they have done for us. I also hope that DIU can develop better and better, and friends in Bangladesh can always be so happy!