I am LIU Jianping, Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Literature from Sias International University, China. I was chosen and sent by my university to Daffodil International University, Bangladesh as exchange faculty from February 10th 2019 to February 27th 2019. I stayed in DIU and taught Chinese language for three weeks. I have been back to normal work at Sias International University, China. I cherish the days and experiences at Daffodil International University very much. Here I want to share my experience in Bangladesh with my friends and express my gratitude to those who helped a lot when stayed at DIU. 

Co-operation between Sias International University and Daffodil International University dates back to 2015. On August 11th 2015 two universities signed treaties on exchanging faculty and students. From then on both sides have exchanged faculty and students to each other.

As a teacher of Chinese as a Second Language for many years, I have been eager to go abroad to see the situation of Chinese Teaching and to learn about the culture of my foreign students’ home country. This is why I applied for exchange faculty to DIU.

I’m grateful to Sias International University and Daffodil International University for offering me such an opportunity to experience different culture in my international students’ home country. I appreciate the efforts made by ICED in Sias International University and International Affairs in DIU to promote the relationship between the two universities. I will say Thank You to Director of International Affairs, Dr. Md. Fokhray Hossain for his warm welcome and other staff in his department.

I’m very thankful to Mr. Syed Raihan-UI-Islam, Assistant Director of International Affairs for giving me a lot of cares. He came and greeted me immediately I settled down in Daffodil Family. I was assigned work by him to teach Chinese in Chinese for Language Center of Institute of Language. Popularizing Chinese and Chinese culture is my duty and responsibility, so I accepted the task without hesitation.

During my stay in DIU, many people offered me help, especially my student assistant Mr. Obaidur Chowdhury. He picked me up at the airport and accompanied me to deal with a lot of things throughout the days when I stayed in DIU till I left Bangladesh. I appreciate his kindness and help very much.

I will say Thank You to the staff in Daffodil Family. My hometown is called Dengfeng, famous for Kongfu. It’s the city where Shaolin Temple is. In short, Dengfeng is called DF. DF is really like my home. Here I could focus on my work without worrying about any housework. The staff here also supplied me very considerate services.

What impressed me deeply was the spirit and attitude of the colleagues in Institute of Language. They are very responsible and careful with work. Every time I had class, they cleaned the classroom, turned on the computer and the electronic devices and told me how to use the devices. I can’t remember all their names. But they will be in my memory forever.

I appreciate my students’ companion. When I worked here, my Bangladesh students I have taught in Sias and the students I taught in Bangladesh often came to see me. Their companion made me out of loneliness. In class my students were attentive and active. I will never forget their eager eyes for knowledge. Their eager eyes are motivation for me to work hard and go forward. I love my Bangladesh students. I’m willing and ready to do what I can to help them have further education in China.

I have reported what Mr. Syed Raihan trusted me to the concerned leaders in Sias International University. They will figure out solutions to satisfy the academic needs from DIU. I think more Chinese teachers and volunteers will come to Bangladesh in the near future.

I will never forget the hospitality and generous treat of Bangladesh people to me. I’m back in China now, while my soul is left in Bangladesh with my friends and students. I have fallen in deep love with this beautiful land and the hospitable people. I hope to come here again to help with the building of Chinese Research and Chinese Major, to make more contributions to strengthen the relationship between our two universities.

See you again, DIU!See you again, Bangladesh!