There are eighteen thousands of various types of creatures in nature which were created by Almighty Allah (SWT). Out of the thousands of creatures, the human beings are the greatest ones in the creation of the world in terms of intelligence, leadership, management skills, creativity, survival in the radical development of the environment, adjusting with the unexpected change, and so on. Tangibly we overlook a lot of creatures; for instance, ghosts, Halloween, dinosaurs, blue whales, giant trees and other unknown creatures etc. However, human beings are the most powerful due to their intangible attributes like power of knowledge, power of sustainable features, power of influence on other creatures and many more things. When Almighty Allah shared the eagerness of creating human beings to the angels, they gave some arguments against the necessity of the creation of Adam, however, Almighty Allah intended to create humans only for his worship. All angels obeyed the wise decision of Almighty Allah but evil. From that time evil has been working against human beings as no human being can achieve the final destination of Jannat. On top of that at the commencement of the creation of human beings the angels argued that Oh our wisest Almighty Allah, If you create human beings, they will be involved in the disorder, chaos in the earth, they will pay holly with the blood of one another. So, rather it may not be wise to create human beings. But Almighty Allah replied that what I know you are Unknown to that and my decision is final. 

 In the one hand, Instead of high obligation of angles Almighty Allah created Adam and sent him Jannah and ordered stay and enjoy all blessing of Almighty Allah in the jannah what your wishes but there is an obligated tree and fruit, you don’t go to the near of that tree and don’t eat it’s fruits otherwise you will lose the quality of living in the Jannah. Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa Sallam began to live in the Jannah according to the Almighty Allah. After that Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa Sallam felt lonely in the Jannah and prayed to Almighty Allah for his companion. Almighty Allah accepted the worship for getting a companion of Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa Sallam and created Hazrat Howa Alaihiwa Sallam (Eve). She was also sent to Jannah to remove the loneliness of Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa Sallam. Both of them had passed their life wisely and enthusiastically with Almighty Allah’s worship. On the other hand, Evil didn’t tolerate this picture completely, he started to misguide both of the human beings. Finally, Evil became successful to misguide not only Hazrat Howa Alaihiwa Sallam (Eve) but also Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa Sallam (Adam) by taking the obligated fruits and they lost their ability to stay in the

Jannah. Consequently, human beings lost the dress of Jannah and fell in the disciplinary action of Allah for making mistakes. Both of the couple had been wanted to forgiveness for their gross mistake for a long period of time but they didn’t rescue from the danger, at the very last moment when they didn’t get any way to release from that unpleasant situation, Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa Sallam (Adam) prayed to Almighty Allah by the name of Greatest prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Oasallam) which was written in front of the door of Jannath besides Almighty Allah’s name. Then, the first human beings were rescued from the punishment of Almighty Allah but they didn’t enter the Jannah again. 

 Almighty Allah sent the first human beings on the earth from Jannah. Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa
Sallam (Adam) was the oldest man in the world. While he felt alone and searched for any belongingness, the Almighty Allah sent another human being named Hazrat Howa Alaihiwa Sallam (Eve) who was the oldest woman on the earth. Allah (SWT) sent both of them to two distinct places in the world. There are myriads of opinions where they exactly came into the earth. According to the Muslim philosophers, through there are discordant regarding their birth places of first couple of the world. However, it was proved by the various Muslim scholars, the first man and woman of the world were met in the garden of Arafat which was the holly place in the history of Islam nearby at Makkah in the Saudi Arabia where our greatest prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM.) gave farewell speech in his life. After getting to know each other, Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa Sallam (Adam) tried to touch her (Hazrat Howa Alaihiwa Sallam) but they did get married yet. According to Islamic rules they had to get married and then entitled to rights to touch one another. Almighty Allah sent the leader of angels Hazrat Jibbayel Alaihiwa Sallam to perform marriage between Hazrat Adam Alaihiwa Sallam (Adam) and Hazrat Howa Alaihiwa Sallam (Eve). Consequently, it was the first married couple in the history of human civilization.

From that couple Almighty Allah created a few pairs of human beings and created an abundance of mysterious events. Almighty Allah created the earth full of blessings according to the famous poet William Somerset Maugham in his historical poem “The Gifts of God”. Almighty Allah created all other creatures as if human beings to get benefits from those creations. Allah (SWT) created human beings only for his worship. Human beings come to earth for a specific time but nobody knows how much this is the one significant mystery of Allah (SWT) for creating us.

Allah declared in the holy Quran, Earth is the paddy (corn) field for the next steps of human beings. As farmers reap after a long time of industrious activity in the field, in the same way a human being will get Jannah for worship of Allah (SWT) during his/her lifetime on the earth. William Somerset Maugham truly stated in his poem Almighty Allah donated us all blessings except rest (Idle time). The most valuable gift from our Almighty Allah is time. On one hand, if
anyone can utilize it properly, he/she will achieve Jannah after death. On the other hand, if any one who misuses the most valuable time he/she will be entitled to Jahannam. So, my write up is all about the utilization of human capital like utilization of time. Humans are the most critical animal on the earth because they have both tangible and intangible abilities. Human beings are owners of distinct qualities from other wild animals like, tiger, lion, dog, and so on. If a wild animal shows its aggressiveness toward someone, it means that it is truly aggressive. However, when a human being shows his/her smile in front of someone, it is very difficult to explore what is actually going to be.

Writer : Md. Alamgir Hossan, Assistant Professor