Step into the shoes of Jewel, a dedicated driver from the DIU Transport Staff, as he navigates the roads, ensuring safe and convenient transportation for our students. At DIU, we prioritize your well-being and strive to create an inclusive environment where transportation is no longer a worry but a seamless part of your campus experience

Driving Towards a Safer, Convenient, and Inclusive Campus Experience


Transportation plays a vital role in the lives of students, parents, and staff members at universities. Recognizing the importance of safe and convenient transportation, DIU has implemented a comprehensive transportation system, managed from Daffodil Smart City. This system ensures that students can easily commute to different locations using a fleet of dedicated buses, a parents’ car, and even an ambulance when needed. In this video, we will delve into the story of Jewel, a valued member of the DIU Transport Staff, and shed light on how this service benefits the university community.

Jewel’s Role: A Key Member of the DIU Transport Staff

Jewel, a dedicated driver, is an integral part of the DIU Transport Staff. Every day, he embraces his responsibilities with enthusiasm, ensuring a safe and comfortable commuting experience for the students, faculty, administrative personnel, and staff members of DIU. Jewel understands that his role goes beyond just driving; he is an important link between the university and its community.

A Glimpse into Jewel’s Day:

Morning Routine: Jewel’s day begins early in the morning as he prepares for his first route. He checks the bus assigned to him, ensuring it is in optimal condition and ready for the day’s journeys. Jewel takes great pride in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the bus, as he understands the importance of providing a pleasant environment for the students, faculty, administrative personnel, and staff members of DIU

Welcoming Students: As Jewel starts his route, he warmly welcomes students who eagerly board the bus. The students appreciate Jewel’s friendly demeanor and his commitment to ensuring their safety throughout the journey. They trust him to transport them to their respective campuses efficiently and punctually.

Navigating Routes: Jewel skillfully navigates the predetermined routes, transporting students to their desired destinations within the university’s campuses. He is well-versed with the roads and traffic patterns, allowing him to efficiently manage the journey, saving time for the students and staff members.

Ensuring Safety: Safety is paramount in Jewel’s mind. He follows all traffic rules and maintains a cautious approach while driving. The students feel secure under his care, knowing that Jewel prioritizes their well-being. In case of any medical emergencies, Jewel is equipped with the necessary knowledge to provide immediate assistance and promptly notify the authorities for further support.

The Impact of DIU’s Transportation Service:

DIU’s transportation service has revolutionized the commuting experience for students, parents, and staff members. By providing dedicated buses, a parents’ car, and an ambulance, the university has made transportation accessible and convenient for all. This service not only saves time and money for students but also ensures their safety, particularly benefiting the female students who can avoid potentially unpleasant situations. The availability of transportation has contributed to a more inclusive and supportive campus environment.


Jewel’s story sheds light on the invaluable role played by the DIU Transport Staff in facilitating the transportation needs of the university community. By ensuring safe and convenient commuting options, DIU has significantly alleviated the transportation concerns of students, parents, and staff members. Jewel’s dedication, combined with the university’s commitment to student welfare, has created an environment where transportation is no longer a barrier but a facilitator of educational pursuits at DIU.