Freshers’ Orientation of Summer 2010 Held at DIU

The orientation program for the newly enrolled under graduate students of Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Faculty of Business and Economics & Faculty of Humanities and Social Science for fall semester 2010 of Daffodil International University (DIU) was held on 21st October 2010 (Thursday) at DIU Auditorium.

Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Honorable Chairman, Board of Governors, Daffodil International University was present on the Orientation Program as Chief Guest and urged the newly enrolled students to make the best use of the facilities provided by the university and build them up to fit for face the challenges of the 21st century. Professor Dr. Aminul Islam, Vice-Chancellor welcomed the students and said that three major things- discipline, honesty & quality can make a life successful. To be a complete citizen of the country he advised the students to achieve those virtues.

From this year, DIU introduced two Scholarships in the name of “Rajia khatun” scholarship by the Vice Chancellor and “Dr. Lutfar Rahman” scholarship. The function was also addressed among others by Prof. M Shahjahan Mina, Advisor and Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics, Prof. Dr. Lutfar rahman, Dean of Faculty of Science and Information Technology, Prof. Dr. Sushil Kumar Das, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Prof. Dr. SM Mahabubul Haque Majumder, Controller of Examinations, Prof. Dr. Golam Mowla Choudhury, Proctor & Head, Department of ETE, Dr. Md. Fokhray Hossain Registrar, Mominul Haque Majumder, Director Finance, Prof. Dr. Shakhawat Ali Khan, aAdvisor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Dr. Yousuf M. Islam, Executive Director, HRDI, Milon Khan, Librarian and All heads and some Facuty Members.

The houseful auditorium was full with chirping of the fresher of the fall semester. They were introduced with the distinguished personnel and existing facilities, rules, regulation and systems of Daffodil International University.

Set Your Career Development Goals & Meet Them

Here some ideas for making preparations to advance your career to a professional level:

1. Take vocational classes, earn a professional certificate, or consider going to college for a two-year or four-year degree. Sometimes taking just one class, like math or accounting, can be enough to move you from the factory floor to the office area, especially if you have been with the company for a while and understand its workings. On the other hand, a manual laborer may decide to study for an electrician’s license, while a union-registered pipe fitter might enroll in computer classes. Wherever you’re at in a job, you can always move up. Education assistance may be available in the form of grants or loans for those on limited incomes, unemployment, or disability claims. Check with the financial aid office of your local college campus.

2. Strengthen communication skills. The ability for written or oral expression is one of the top three skills sought by many employers, with the other two being job skills and a team attitude. The simple act of reading more books will automatically enhance the way a person talks and writes. Or you can take a writing class for credit or non-credit at the community college.

3. Study the job that you want. Talk, dress, and act like the person whose job you would like to have. While you don’t want to make your goal obvious, subtly assuming the characteristics of the next level of job performance will unconsciously encourage others to look at you in that light and treat you accordingly. More importantly, the management team may absorb a professional image that will come to mind when they are looking for the next promotion candidate.

4. Keep good records of exceptional job performance. Chart your overtime hours, extra projects, volunteer service, and community support. Not only will you get more noticed as the person who knows a lot about the company and cares enough to get involved, you will have written accounts to share at your next opportunity for advancement when you can cite missing just one day or mention working 187 hours of overtime that should impress your interviewer. Numbers can be convincing over general phrases like “I worked a lot of overtime” or “I hardly missed a day.”

5. Seek out mentors or guides you can offer advice or insight. They may be part of the team who will suggest certain names for advancement within the company, or among those you will ask for a reference in applying for a job elsewhere. Do the same within the community by volunteering for projects that will get your name and skills noticed by others, and perhaps impress someone enough to write a job reference.

Don’t sit around waiting for Lady Luck to show up and change your life in the job market. Take control of your future by taking initiative actions like these. Then you’ll have just yourself to congratulate when your career advances to the next level.

Programming Competition at DIU

Daffodil International University (DIU) auditorium at its Business Faculty Building had been embellished duly as the Inter-University Programming Competition was unfolding up there on the 16th October 2010. Two Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) teams became champions and runners-up respectively in that Daffodil Inter-University Computer Programming Contest 2010. The Dhaka University team finished the third in the contest involving 80 teams of 30 public and private universities in the Daffodil International University auditorium on Saturday.

The contestants had to solve nine problems in five hours between 10:00am and 3:00pm. The crowd witnessed the day long program where young talents were glowing and chirping and thus turned the program flamboyant.

Addressing the award ceremony, the speakers of different institutions emphasized the implementation of the vision of digital Bangladesh for which manpower skilled in IT and computer programmers were essential. They said the government should take initiative to arrange the programming contest every year nationally to create new programmers. There was no option but to building manpower skilled in IT for innovation and development of the ICT services, they said. Referring to India’s annual income of $73 billion from IT sector, they said Bangladesh earned only $33 million every year. IT is the only sector in which we are ahead of India in terms of talents and quality. Better nourishment in this field can uplift the image of Bangladesh, the speakers avowed. WiMax service provider Banglalion and online IT magazine also provided support.

Among them, Honourable Chairman of the Board of Governors of DIU, Mr. Md. Sabur Khan was present as the chief guest and awarded the winners. As many as 81 teams from around 30 institutions took part in the event. Mr. Khan aspired to launch this initiative in the divisional level in near future.

A Mournful Birthday

It is my birthday today. Some near ones have already wished me on it. I should be delighted to approach another birthday of my life. Yet i am not in a mood to celebrate it with jocund festivity.  Life seems to me very mysterious.

I had to sent an sms to my brother…”I am also wailing with you. Allah definitely has an auspicious motive behind the premature death of your child. Wee all will remember and pray for our died family member thru’out life..” My nephew could not pass the ordeal of coming out of the womb of its mother. It was, however, buried beside the grave of its maternal grand father.

It could be the first child of our family. But, the Almighty probably knows well and thought otherwise. Life seems to me peculiar. It is bitter and sweet time to time.

Here I have written a poem in memorization of and in dedication to my unseen dear one, who has left the earth prematurely.


Eternal Departure

How uncertain our life is! And mysterious

We are in agony and, sometimes hilarious.

Ecstasy brims over our lives time to time

Soul & body encounter affliction in mime.

You could come and contribute the earth

Could shoulder duty by illustrious birth.

Is it wise to leave early the world poignant?

But show tolerance of this, why we can’t?

In this world, your existence is never to find

Your un-timed exit we’ll ever keep in mind.

All have to depart one day— before or after

Titanic or tiny, no way to escape the hereafter.

Expedition On Mars

mars1Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is commonly referred to as the Red Planet. The rocks, soil and sky have a red or pink hue. The distinct red color was observed by stargazers throughout history. It was given its name by the Romans in honor of their god of war. Other civilizations have had similar names. The ancient Egyptians named the planet Her Descher meaning the red one.

Before space exploration, Mars was considered the best candidate for harboring the-landscapes-from-mars-17extraterrestrial life. Astronomers thought they saw straight lines crisscrossing its surface. This led to the popular belief that irrigation canals on the planet had been constructed by intelligent beings. In 1938, when Orson Welles broadcasted a radio drama based on the science fiction classic War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, enough people believed in the tale of invading Martians to cause a near panic.

the-landscapes-from-mars-13Another reason for scientists to expect life on Mars had to do with the apparent seasonal color changes on the planet’s surface. This phenomenon led to speculation that conditions might support a bloom of Martian vegetation during the warmer months and cause plant life to become dormant during colder periods. the-landscapes-from-mars-11

In July of 1965, Mariner 4, transmitted 22 close-up pictures of Mars. All that was revealed was a surface containing many craters and naturally occurring channels but no evidence of artificial canals or flowing water. Finally, in July and September 1976, Viking Landers 1 and 2 touched down on the surface of Mars. The three biology experiments aboard the landers discovered unexpected and enigmatic chemical activity in the Martian soil, but provided no clear evidence for the presence of living microorganisms in the soil near the landing sites. According to mission biologists, Mars is self-sterilizing. They believe the combination of solar ultraviolet radiation that saturates the surface, the extreme dryness of the soil and the oxidizing nature of the soil chemistry prevent the formation of living organisms in the Martian soil. The question of life on Mars at some time in the distant past remains open.

the-landscapes-from-mars-08Other instruments found no sign of organic chemistry at either landing site, but they did provide a precise and definitive analysis of the composition of the Martian atmosphere and found previously undetected trace elements.


The atmosphere of Mars is quite different from that of Earth. It is composed primarily of carbon dioxide with small amounts of other gases. The six most common components of the atmosphere are:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2): 95.32% mars
  • Nitrogen (N2): 2.7%
  • Argon (Ar): 1.6%
  • Oxygen (O2): 0.13%
  • Water (H2O): 0.03%
  • Neon (Ne): 0.00025 %

Martian air contains only about 1/1,000 as much water as our air, but even this small amount can condense out, forming clouds that ride high in the atmosphere or swirl around the slopes of towering volcanoes. Local patches of early morning fog can form in valleys. At the Viking Lander 2 site, a thin layer of water frost covered the ground each winter.

There is evidence that in the past a denser martian atmosphere may have allowed water to flow on the planet. Physical features closely resembling shorelines, gorges, riverbeds and islands suggest that great rivers once marked the planet.

Temperature and Pressurethe-landscapes-from-mars-04

The average recorded temperature on Mars is -63° C (-81° F) with a maximum temperature of 20° C (68° F) and a minimum of -140° C (-220° F).

Barometric pressure varies at each landing site on a semiannual basis. Carbon dioxide, the major constituent of the atmosphere, freezes out to form an immense polar cap, alternately at each pole. The carbon dioxide forms a great cover of snow and then evaporates again with the coming of spring in each hemisphere. When the southern cap was largest, the mean daily pressure observed by Viking Lander 1 was as low as 6.8 millibars; at other times of the year it was as high as 9.0 millibars. The pressures at the Viking Lander 2 site were 7.3 and 10.8 millibars. In comparison, the average pressure of the Earth is 1000 millibars.


Mars Statistics
Mass (kg) 6.421e+23
Mass (Earth = 1) 1.0745e-01
Equatorial radius (km) 3,397.2
Equatorial radius (Earth = 1) 5.3264e-01
Mean density (gm/cm^3) 3.94
Mean distance from the Sun (km) 227,940,000
Mean distance from the Sun (Earth = 1) 1.5237
Rotational period (hours) 24.6229
Rotational period (days) 1.025957
Orbital period (days) 686.98
Mean orbital velocity (km/sec) 24.13
Orbital eccentricity 0.0934
Tilt of axis (degrees) 25.19
Orbital inclination (degrees) 1.850
Equatorial surface gravity (m/sec^2) 3.72
Equatorial escape velocity (km/sec) 5.02
Visual geometric albedo 0.15
Magnitude (Vo) -2.01
Minimum surface temperature -140°C
Mean surface temperature -63°C
Maximum surface temperature 20°C
Atmospheric pressure (bars) 0.007
Atmospheric composition

Carbon Dioxide (C02)
Nitrogen (N2)
Argon (Ar)
Oxygen (O2)
Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Water (H2O)
Neon (Ne)
Krypton (Kr)
Xenon (Xe)
Ozone (O3)

Enhance Your Executive Career

Job Tracking: It is a fantastic way to represent one self to the authority. By keeping record in job tracking, an employee always remains in close contact with the organization. He is evaluated through his performance record.

Receive all mail: One should receive all mails even in utter busy moment. Make a habit of responding every mail/ phone call instantly or at leisure our. You can send a “BUSY” or “CALL YOU LATER” message during your busy moment. The recipient will rely upon you and will be honoured with a belief that you are valuing him or her. When you will see less important call, avoid or send sms BUSY (quick text).

Task: You can use the TASK option on your e-mail page to manage all jobs smoothly and on due time.

Unread: You can make a mail highlighted by applying UNREAD option so that you can reply that in leisure time.

Draft: It is a permanent kind of diary as there is no risk to lose any data from the storage. You can preserve all your valuable data of any kind by placing in DRAFT. Remember, don’t forger to give proper title before sending in draft so that you find that whenever necessary.

Star: It is an option in your mail which helps you to mark as important mail which needs to follow up or like this.

Calendar: This option aids you to settle program. This option will remind you your pre-decided and pre-uploaded schedule.

Google Document: It is an enriched kind of resource stuffed with format of any kind you need. You can get, for example, letter, spreadsheet, application, memorandum, etc kind of format whenever required.
Filtering: Incoming mails will not create a messy situation if you organize every mail by Label and at the same time if u customize your settings with proper FILTER. Through filtering, you can sort out the mail which you don’t like to give importance, but u like to get into at any time in future, for example, Facebook.

Firefox: By using this software, you can place a lot of Windows and at the same time & can set up all passwords while using the PC exclusively of your own. It will enable you to visit all the pre-loaded pages in a wink of time. It will make your work faster, without any hazards.

Use of DIU Forum: It is an enriched resource with diversity. All needed information is already there. Please keep your eyes regularly on it. You will be benefited. If u needs any more things, please let us know. U can always keep open it in front of your monitor and can see it even while receiving any phone call! While receiving any call, you can give concentration on mail or other job. Thus you can perform more than one job at a single time.

Enjoy Traffic Jam: Enjoy the traffic jam. Yes, I mean it! While you are in a Traffic Jam, try to call back and try to call or send all sms or read, for example, important file/paper or newspaper/ magazine/ book or think some idea or make some plan /note of your to do task. Traffic jam must be considered with potential way.
Sleeplessness: Dale Carnegie told that you will never die in sleeplessness. Even when you are not able to sleep u can think any topics or idea.

Time Segmentation: U must make proper segmentation of your time for office, prayer, career, R & D, friend, family, study etc.

Implement: Remember, idea without implementation will not aid you or your surroundings enough. If you think yourself high profiled corporate personnel, try to implement rather giving mere suggestion.

Your Mobile, Your Diary: Buy a good mobile or use whatever u have. You can invest in purchasing a good configuration mobile rightly, and if not, you can use gmail for storing phone backup so that you can restore in case of physical damage or theft of your mobile. Please be attentive to secure your present mobile if it is not possible to buy a better one.

No Other Involvement: It is unethical to be involved in other kind of business like share/MLM during office hour, rather you can try to explore new innovative business plan in the organization like training, workshop, job oriented product, in house support, etc. where u can be a part. If you have enough money, it is better to leave the job and be involved in that business.

Backup your Data: Please keep “alternate backup” of all data, which is always important. There are few thousand free storage sites which you can use. Because, USB device is not safe always due to lose of data, virus, crush etc. We have a great deal of resources in our organization; so whenever you wish to learn, please let us know.

Never Demand Extra Staff: Some people are telling about employing more staff which may bother your authority. You have to be capable to maximize the potency of yourself, your subordinates and staff. A real leader can handle COO, Import, AGM, MD and Chairman position of an organization. An eligible organizer can perform the job of 70+ people if he can manage everything well. There lies your potency if you can fight for reducing the number of staff so that the organization can find your capability. You can try to accomplish your job by utilizing available resources you have. Sometimes, outsourcing contracting on part-time basis, seeking help from others, etc can aid you.

‘World Habitat Day 2010’ was observed at DIU

Daffodil International University (DIU) observed World Habitat Day 2010 on the 4th October with the theme of ‘Better City Better Life’. To mark the

Daffodil International University Brought out a grand Rally on the occassion of World Habitat Day-2010.
Daffodil International University Brought out a grand Rally on the occassion of World Habitat Day-2010.

Day, Department of Real Estate of Daffodil International University, in collaboration with United Nations Information Center (UNIC) and Rupantar, organized a day long events including Rally, Seminar and Cultural Program.

Mr. Md.Abdur Rahim Khan, Vice President, REHAB was present on the Occasion as the Chief Guest and Architect Md. Iqbal Habib, Member Secretary, Urbanizationand Governance Committee of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) was present on the occasion as the Special Guest and presented the keynote paper in the seminar. Professor Dr. Aminul Islam, Vice Chancellor, Daffodil International University graced the Occasion as the guest of honor. The seminar was chaired by Prof. M. Shahjahan Mina, Adviser, Faculty of Business and Economics, DIU.

The students of the Department of Real Estate of Daffodil International University brought out a colorful Rally bearing play card, festoon, Banner, posters and different architectural replica. The Rally started at 10.00 am from T& T Ground adjacent to Manik Mia Avenue, Sher-e –Bangla Nagar and ended at the main Campus of Daffodil International University.

Honourable Vice Chancellor of DIU, Professor Dr. Aminul Islam is addressing at the Seminar.
Honourable Vice Chancellor of DIU, Professor Dr. Aminul Islam is addressing at the Seminar.

The UNSG’s Message was read out by Mr. M. Moniruzzaman, Reference Officer, UNIC, Dhaka. Mr. Faruk Ahmed, Coordinator, Rupantar delivered a presentation on “Climate Change and Housing issues” highlighting the importance of the World Habitat day. The members of DIU Real Estate Club published a Wall Magazine in observance of the day.

The seminar on National Building Code & Earth Quick Awareness” was held at Daffodil International University Auditorium. Architect Md. Iqbal Habib, Member Secretary, Urbanizationand Governance Committee of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) presented the keynote paper on the seminar.

Conducted by Ziaul Haque Sumon and Sadia Rezwana Tanni, the function was also

At the Cultural Program
At the Cultural Program

addressed by Kazi Ali Reza, Officer In-Charge, UNIC, Dhaka and Masud Ibne Rahman, Head, Department of Real Estate, DIU. The day long program ended with a gala cultural program conducted by Syed Mizanur Rahman Raju, Coordinator, Career Development Center (CDC) DIU and presented by the artist of Rupantar and DIU Real Estate Club

Workshop on “Socialweb” in BRE

A workshop was held on using “DIU Teacher Student Class Feedback System (DIUTSCFS) (also known as Socialweb) on 02 October 2010 at 10:00 am in the Computer Lab – 715  of Prince Plaza campus. The target audience were the students of  the course “Real Estate Statistic” under the Department of Real Estate, DIU.

The workshop was arranged by System Implementation and Support (SIS/DIUTSCFS) team with the help of the Course Instructor, Assistant Professor & Head of the Department of Real Estate, Mr. Masud Ibn Rahman.

Specification of System Implementation and Support (SIS): (who worked on behalf of SIS / )
1. Muhammad Pasha (Administrator, DIUTSCFS & SIS and M.Sc. Student, Dept. of CSE )
2. A.S.M Arifuzzaman ( Team member, SIS & B.Sc. Student, Dept. of CSE )
3. Bijoy Pramanik ( Team member, SIS & B.Sc.Student, Dept. of CSE )

Students learned many things from the workshop and aspired to be involved in the “Teacher Student Class Feedback System” (also known as Socialweb) system.