The Year 2011, On a very shiny morning I was very excited and it was because of my University’s annual program. The event venue was Kalabagan Ground. It was a daylong program and I was intentionally doing late to attend the Cultural event and lunch with my friends. As planned, I reached at the venue at about 1.30PM. I like Band music so I was eagerly waiting for it. I was looking for my friends and joined them. We had lunch together and it was great fun. We talked louder, our joys had no boundary though the breezing sun made the weather little hot compared to other days. However, it couldn’t reduce the excitement. While spending time with the friends we didn’t notice when the sky started to become darker. The wind started to blow. Within some moments the wind became so strong, the dust covered the whole area, and everyone was trying to take shelter in the nearest place. Somehow, I managed to cross the roads and found an electronic shop. The wind became so strong and blew away everything. It was tough to manage to enter into the shop. However, as the glass door was open so I enter into the shop. In the blink of an eye, the device in the electronic shop broke into pieces. The entire situation was so scary and it was hard to believe what exactly happening outside. I saw the disaster so closely. The tornado hit so strong that every preparation for the celebration lost within an hour. My foundation day was completely lost within hours. I felt so bad and sad indeed. I would never forget the day. I became very upset and started to wait for the next year’s foundation day celebration. . 

Name: Muhammad Sharif Uddin

Batch: Evening 19th

Department: CSE

CEO at Skynet Communications (ISP company)