After passing the Higher Secondary Level, I got admitted to Daffodil International University (DIU) with a view to getting higher education. But after my graduation, when I left university, I was feeling like I am leaving a world behind me. During these four years of my study, I really adopted my university and the university adopted me more. Those four years will remain alive forever in my memory. 

I was a student of EEE department under the Faculty of Engineering batch 18. I attended my orientation class at DIU on April 25, 2015. I can never forget that day. It was a crowd of so many unknown faces, I was a bit scared. But within a few minutes, they really won me. I made many friends that day. Among them, many are still my best friends. As the days were passing by, I was enjoying my campus life more and more. I was able to establish a good relationship with some of my teachers within a very short period of time and it was nothing but a blessing for me. Because I could find them as my guiding star. They really cared for my bright future. I could never forget my teachers until my last breath. 

The people who made my university life colorful are my friends. Without them, I may not be able to spend those four years. Those friendly crowd, rushing hours to the class, canteen adda, music, sports were the golden times of my life. It makes me nostalgic today. Every time I think about my university friends, I can see some beautiful faces and limitless love for me in the depth of their eyes.

In my campus life, I met with so many personalities who really inspired me. Maybe the greatest of all is the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Professor Dr. M. Shamsul Alam. His way of interaction and down to earth nature really fascinates me. He is a person who’ve touched the top level of success but doesn’t forget the root.

I can spend a whole day writing about my memory in Daffodil International University. But for the sake of the readers, I should not. I am keeping some of my memory inside of my heart. On the contrary, I would like to thank Daffodil International University for giving me the most beautiful four years in my life along with all its efforts to make me professionally successful.

Mahmudul Hasan

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Batch: 18

A memorable day at DIU

October 6, 2019