To express solidarity to our Russian partners, International Affairs of Daffodil International University (DIU), Bangladesh hosted a workshop, ‘A Passage to Russia’ in-Cooperation with Vyatka State University (VSU), Russia on the eve of Russia Day 12 June, 2021! The workshop included different sessions by the session facilitators from VSU.

Dr. Sergey Fomin, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, VSU presented an intro talk about VSU and its opportunities. Prof. Dr. Oleg Y. Polyakov, Professor, Dept. of Russian and Foreign Literature and Teaching Methods, VSU shared his insights on Russian ethno type in Vyatka Providence. After a short break, Dr. Olga Sysolyatina, Associate Professor, Dept. of International Affairs along with a group of international students shared their living experience, cultural barriers, and hospitality to build awareness of the cultural norms of Russia. Komarova Nadezhda, Associate Professor, Dept. of Cultural Studies & Journalism, VSU and her students gave an inception idea of Russian food, sports, religion, environment, etc to DIU participants.

More than one hundred students and academicians from both the universities have joined the workshop to enhance ability to deal across cultures, to break cultural barriers, and to build awareness of the cultural norms of Russia. The day is for all Russian to demonstrate their national pride and glory.