Getting an education does not always mean being educated. As the saying goes, ” you have to be human when you are born as human”. And the mindset of education is important to be a good human being. It goes without saying that a good person is also successful in his professional life. In Life, we all need a professional to lead our life. Without it, we can not have something that will give our life meaning. That is something worth billions for a person to lead a happy life. To be a good professional we need a good education mindset too. Without a good education mindset, we can not be good professionals. Because everything got a price and good education will make us a good professionals which is the best price for our life.

Mindsets are established sets of personal beliefs and ways of thinking that influence our behavior and attitude toward ourselves and others. A growth mindset can be a way of becoming good in the profession. In this mindset criteria people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through deduction and hard work, brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

In our society, there is a common thing that we often decide a child’s future at his birth. Usually, before a child develops his intelligence, it is decided whether he will be a doctor, an engineer or a magistrate when he grows up. In many cases, there is no opportunity to express whether the child is interested or not. By the time he ends up his education he often gets a job outside his interest area or changes his profession. But this doesn’t help the country at all. We often see medical students choose administration or engineers intend to become police through BCS, If they could decide earlier they would be perfect in their profession. Good professionals are needed in every sector to obtain a prosperous country.

Student life is the best time for us to get a good mindset on education where we will gain knowledg and learn things that will help us in building a good profession. In our student life, we will see some students rebound themselves while some seem devastated by even the smallest setbacks. From this, it can be said that it is a way of learning Because from this experience both types of students believe that they can get smarter and efforts make them stronger if they put some extra time and mind into a particular something which will lead them to higher achievement. So this is where a proper mindset needs to be set which will get us to be good professionals.

On the contrary, a fixed mindset criterion believes in a predetermined amount of thoughts and so on things that have been influenced by their surroundings from their childhood. They have to choose to learn what they have been shown. Their own potential of being good in professional life goes behind the pressure of their surroundings.

For setting a good education mindset we need to maintain a proper education. After that our study effort from various resources will be fulfilled. Not only in our professional life but also in social life, it will be significant a remark. Then every one of society will appreciate our good education mindset. Not only doctor’s profession but also in every profession just like a job, business, teacher, farmer, and many more. So we can say that a good education can help to be a good professional.

It is proved in much research that when someone works with his passion and love, the work is
done in a tremendously successful way. Dedication becomes high in the passionate works of a person and that works magically in creating a successful story. So, an organized education
mindset is very much necessary for good growth and that is how people become good professionals.

Writer: Mahimul Islam Nadim, Lecturer, CSE