Video Resumes are important to many organizations at the present time. What cannot publish through paper can be done easily through video profiles. Video Profiles (VP) are also important for young entrepreneurs, not just for jobs. If anyone has a business idea and want it delivered to the desired investors, Video Profile is the best way. It is much faster to send and even easier to view, it can easily create opportunities for them from any part of the world.

Keeping this in view, Daffodil International University (DIU) has sponsored for 100 Professional Video Resumes to the Laptop eligible students of Spring 2020. The students have been selected based on their academic results, Presentation, Outfit and Attitude. The initial briefing held on 3rd October 2019 in the 52 Milonayoton of Daffodil Tower. CDC Team has conducted the full session. DIU hopes to inspire other students through these Video Resumes in forthcoming days.

It may be mentioned here that, the Career Development Center (CDC) has already prepared 55 video resumes as their regular service which will be found in the following link. . Interested students are requested to visit CDC Office for the Video Resumes.